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ILP campaign group all set to intensify its movement in Manipur

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IMPHAL | September 11


Newly elected convenor of Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS), YK Dhiren said on Wednesday that the campaign group will be intensifying its movement for implementation of Inner Line Permit System (ILPS) or a similar legislation to check ever increasing migrant population in Manipur.


“There is the need for reviving people’s movement for legislation to protect the indigenous people of Manipur,” newly elected convenor, YK Dhiren who took over the charge on Wednesday said.


JCILPS is formed by several civil society organisations pressing the state government for enacting legislation to regulate the entry of migrants into the state.


It can be noted here that, towards fulfilling the long pending demand, the Manipur Legislative Assembly passed Manipur People Bill 2018 in July 2018. However, the bill is yet to be enforced as Act, pending assent from the President of India where the state Governor referred. The bill is said to be pending in the Union ministry of Home Affairs where the Rastrapati Bhavan had referred to for examination.


YK Dhiren then said that keeping the bill without giving assent by the President of India even more than a year since it was referred to showed the Central government’s negligence to the sentiment of the people of the region. "As such, the JCILPS felt the need for a fresh movement of the people to press the Centre for giving early assent to the bill",  Dhiren said.


Before launching any form of protest, JCILPS will start creating awareness on the need for putting in place a mechanism to protect the indigenous peoples of the state. "If migrants are allowed to enter the state without any restriction, their population will flood the state", he expressed concern.


Dhiren then observed that there is the urgent need of such legislation in the wake of publication of  NRC in Assam that left out over 19 lakh people from the list.


"JCILPS will form a task force of its own to check entry of migrants into the state until the Manipur People Bill 2018 is enacted as an Act in the state", he announced.


With the formation of the task force, members of the force with the supports of local people will conduct checks to the people from outside the state entering the state through national highways, Dhiren also said. The task force will also take the police in conducting the drive, he added.


Dhiren then appealed the Manipur government to take up necessary steps to get the assent regarding the bill from the President of India with a strong political commitment considering the sentiment of the people.


He further urged the Manipur chief minister to translate his promises in to action regarding implementation of NRC and constitution of state population commission at the earliest.


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