Importance and impact of crop geometry in maize under Phek District

Importance and impact of crop geometry in maize under Phek District

Dr. Hannah Krujia
SMS – Agronomy, KVK, Phek Dist. Nagaland


Maize is the second important crop after paddy in Nagaland. The area under maize is 8820 hectare and the productivity is 19.72 quintal/ha in Phek District. However majority of the farmers do not maintain spacing instead they sow the seeds haphazardly. Hence, cultural operation during the crop stand becomes difficult. Crop geometry for maintaining spacing offers an effective solution for good crop growth and yield.


Crop geometry is the shape of the space available for individual plants, it manipulates light interception, rooting pattern and moisture extraction resulting in the enhancement of crop yield. Farmers from selected villages were made aware of crop geometry and hands on demonstration were imparted to adopt crop geometry in their field. A trial on crop geometry using HQPM 1 was conducted on in an area of 0.02 ha in jhum field and spacing was maintained at 60X40 cm.


It was found that crop geometry enhanced the cob yield by 55% increase in yield. The net return also increased by 38% as compared to traditional cultivation of maize.


KVK, Phek conducted various activities viz., capacity building programmes, method demonstrations, field days and provided advisory services through SMS, phone to farmers about the technology. Imparting technical guidance has helped in increasing the yield of maize.