In search of true leader

D. Akato Achumi
24/7 Chain of Prayer Ministry


Leaders of history have come and gone but true leaders still lives in people’s heart and lives.


Looking closely to the present world atmosphere and attitude, we see most of them, leaders-(not all) are self centred, and don’t really care for the welfare of the down-trodden and the under privileged Sect of the society. Well, majority are prepared to steep to any means level just to keep themselves in power. Some are considering politics as a profession and try to find and means to amass wealth and fortune. Many have failed either to understand or realize out of arrogance that”………..the love of money is the root of all evil.”(1Tim.6:10). Therefore they have lost the probity in public life. When their politics is motivated by the love of money, their only goal becomes to amass wealth and adding more and more property not realizing the consequences because of this they pierced, (ing) themselves through with many sorrows.


There is a need for true leaders in our society. A leader who is not only concerned about his own family, acquaintance or tribe, but is willing to forgo his own interest for someone else welfare, a leader who loves his people more than a money, a leader who has the consciousness of moral accountability, one who delivers his promise and a leader who honor God and his office.


Here, sections of people are praying and crying out for true leaders in every profession.


On the other side, that attitude of complaining and grumbling about bad roads, power failure, social injustice etc. Is not changing the stagnant and unconcerned authorities anymore. Raising our concerns to the present leaders is of little success. Yet, out of frustration.


Lets not repeat the some to our next generation, the old mind-set of complacency needs to be replaced with innovation and altruistic ideas. The age old root of bitterness, Bigotry, Nepotism, Tribalism, greed, lies, hatred, Honest people suffering and deserving candidates depriving of there priviledges need to be uprooted. The scenario of human history has changed but with no sense of true leaders. King Solomon viewed life without God and concluded, “vanity of vanity, all is vanity” then he viewed it with God and saw a much brighter future. Life without God would have been dark indeed for the Apostle John on the Isle of patmos. Maybe this is why John was allowed to look into Heaven and sea God on his throne and all the other Details of that Heavenly scene.(Rev.4-5).


The planet earth does not need more successful people, the planet desperately needs more peacemakers, Healers and Restorers.


May God raise true leaders in our land and pull the false leaders down for his glory and for better tomorrow.