In tune with “Voice of the people”

nagablogRochill Kivi: So I reread the group name and the sub over again, and tonight I choose to exercise the sub, “Voice of the People”. Being a bystander and a silent reader isn’t always healthy. What’s the point of existence anyway, otherwise.
With this post, there is absolutely no denial that our State is filled to the brim with corruption. There is! Period! But like the always existing other side of a coin, I’d like to take the side of one such which would probably give me unreasonable haters. But, no matter.


I read posts day in and out about how the crux of all corruption lies in the hands of the politicians of our State. I cannot deny the fact that there are corrupt politicians. But I think it’s high time we played the blame game differently. So I state; alongside the so accused corrupts, stands us all, ‘The General Public’.


How can a State even begin to brush off corruption when it all begins at the start! The start of a new campaign, at the start of the selection of a new batch, of a new tenure, of fresh elections, just at the very beginning. I’d like to think it all begins there and follows through 5 years of corrupt culmination further leading to the next election, no better.


Why do we choose to “sell” our votes?


Why does the public not exercise their right to choose a person of integrity?


Why then instead do ‘we choose’ to get swayed by cars, bikes, houses, and thousands of rupees.


And ultimately, most importantly, why do we continue to vote for these same politicians over again?


Haven’t we honestly not seen people generating an income the size of a mini gold mine during elections? Haven’t we had friends or seen people buy something substantial after canvassing? Doesn’t greed and corruption begin there? Isn’t the man (because there are no women) standing there as a politician, only because we voted for him? And yet, we go on to vote for the same ‘man’ after having criticised him for FIVE consecutive years!!


How do we expect any development then? When we choose to ‘sell’ ourselves and our future not for development, or progress, or growth, but for ‘individual’ wants and individual greed, how do we expect ‘collective’ growth? Do we even realise that we force our political leaders to begin their endeavours having been robbed flat? When we begin our own voting process with greed and dishonesty, how then, can we only blame the politicians “we, ourselves” voted for? The irony!


Perhaps instead of having to invest crores during the election process, if the public only allowed the candidates to channel their monetary resources for the right means of ‘general development’, there would be progress in our State. And even after, if even made possible, a clean and fair election process, if resources are still ‘missing’ only then Could we blame the politicians ‘entirely’. But until then, you and I play an integral role in the corruption of our State, our Nagaland.


Angu Talie Kuotsu: Enjoyed the write up. This is what TNB is all about. This post reaffirms that TNB isn’t done yet. Yes, we should learn to take the blame, introspect and retrospect, and start doing what is right. It’s also time we be positive when someone tries to do the right thing and encourage him/her rather than be so sarcastic in our views and not doing anything ourselves.


Vioka Aavi Zhimo: Kivi a bold post I should say, well written and well thought of. Also appreciative of you breaking the barriers to post on such a topic where usually most women think that it’s a men’s job. Little sparks create wildfires and as such i hope that this post will inspire and motivate more of my female counterparts to actively voice out and participate on the issue relating to our ‘Once Great’ nation. Kuknalim.


Mechietsho Koza: WORD!!! It’s high time we the so called educated youths wake up from our slumber and THE stereotype fear of not being govt. employed and play a larger and effective role. While we Nagas are so absorbed by the so many ‘ism’ of our society, the outside world has moved on to a whole new level of development.


Rozelle Mero

Well done. Needed to be said and that is the truth of it! and… your one voice matters, as it becomes a collective of many one voice!! A challenge to the Naga youth to stop using unfair means in exams.

Sangti Konyak: Crib notes inside the pocket, few pages of the academic notes lying in the toilet or washroom, tapping over the shoulder of a friend sitting in front of you and carrying micro-wireless earpiece..Yes, am talking about the famous malpractises happening in our education system.


The fashion about cheating in the academic exams among the students in our state had risen dramatically and the introduction of technology had cropped up its exponential growth.


Honesty, hard work, sincerity and dedication have no place for many of the youths today in our society,
I am disappointed because many students who do not cheat are only viewed as fools for not playing the system and there are many people who have become successful by cheating repeatedly in their academic careers.


Parents should encourage their children for a daily study rather than proudly boasting in front of others by saying ”moi laka batcha toh eku naabu-re lay be ene pass hoi thaki”. Not everyone is so intelligent to get through the exams without reading the books even once.


Unlike the education Minister of Bihar who tried to defend the recent news report about the massive cheating in some of the schools in Bihar, both the teachers and parents should lecture students about the serious consequence of cheating during exams and test.


Technically, when a student cheat, he/she become equally corrupted like those politicians and Govt. Officials who steals away the funds meant for public and development because if a student can build a confidence to cheat around his/her friends, he/she will probably have enough courage to take the advantage and corrupt the system in the future.


It’s high time that the college and school authorities of our state start adopting a resolution like those in western countries where the student caught cheating are expelled directly from the college and deprive of admission in another college. It may be hard but I feel it is the only way to educate and encourage a healthy society.


How can we expect our system to be clean when we the youths are so dirty inside?
If you are still a student like me please MAKE A PLEDGE…that you will refrain from doing any unfair means in your academic careers.


May God bless the Naga Youths.


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