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Incipit: Moves like no other Naga rock band

If you have heard of a very judicious rendition of ‘Moves like Jagger’ (Maroon 5) doing the rounds in the state, you should know that the band in rhythm is ‘Incipit’. Wapong Ozukum, the vocalist has killer chops, and so no wonder he bagged the coveted title of ‘Best Vocalist’ during Hornbill Festival, edition 2010. The band also holds the second runner-up title in the same contest. This year the band was invited as guest to perform in the finale of the hard-hitting rock contest “The Hornbill National Rock Contest 2011”.
The band is just a year old, with almost all the members new recruits save for Yangkum (drummer) and Atsaba (lead guitarist). However, this newer team strives to be something a little musically different from the newer crop of bands coming up in hordes every month. The very name of the band “Incipit” itself suggests inception, a new beginning.
For anyone in music and into music you know that you will love the sound of this band, when you hear that they had been invited by Lou Majaw to perform at the Shillong Bob Dylan Festival 75th anniversary. If that’s is still not enough for you then  they had also performed at the Guwahati IIT Beat contest “Rockophonix”, “Rock Rules” at Shilpgram, Guwahati where they were the winners of the contests, “Thunder March” NIT Silchar. They also sling the honours of being the opening band for Indian greats Penatagram at Guwahati. The band was also featured in Hit 7 channel for the Live Music Jam Session. TNT recognized these young guns and featured them in their magazines followed by Eclectic Vibes magazines. The band had also just recently played at the Ungma Babu Tzuba amphitheatre.
On a personal front, Incipit is almost painfully shy, grounded, reserved and god forbid “decent”! Up on stage, wielding instruments, it’s a different scenario altogether. When these guys start playing, one is bound to listen. Maybe they would not inspire a moshpit to happen, but yes, you are guaranteed good music and splendid good music at that!   
The vocalist of Incipit, Wapong Ozukum has an interesting tale on how he joined Incipit. Singing at the odd church programmes since the age of eight, he went on to be a part of the Mokokchung band “Chronic”. And it was during a performance at the Safari contest where Wapong won the Best Vocalist title that caught the eyes and ears of the then-nacent Incipit. From then on, it was plain and simple. Wapong just had to front Incipit. Wapong lists Adam Levine from Maroon 5 as an international artist that he admires most while he says he is proud of Alobo Naga and The Band from back home.
Lead Guitarist Atsa Lang Roths is no stranger to the music business. His first stage performance goes back to 2001. He has been part of  local favorites Frequency and XTC. He is also a very popular session musician. Yangkum Jinger, drummer meanwhile moonlights as a teacher of drums at the Note Grid School of Music.  While Akok Imsong, the man on the keyboards teaches piano at Hills Praise Music Academy and High Praise Music Centre. The key whiz started playing the keyboard since the age of 13 and has had no formal training.  Meyasunep Imchen the bassist used to be a part of the Sunep Assemble Band.
“A fusion of 80’s rock with modern contemporary music,” is how Incipit members describe their sound.  The band is currently in the process of recording their first EP and hopes to release it by early next year.
The frustration inherent in every musician of all sorts in Nagaland is apparent when Atsa states, “Five to ten years from now, we are hope that music scene in Nagaland gets better than it is now”. He also feels that the people should be encouraged more to buy local music albums. However, his determination to break it as a successful musician is fierce, when he says, “If you have a dream follow it no matter what. It gets frustrating to be a musician with the current music scene but we should have perseverance”.  Yangkum pipes in that the young generation has the tendency to go astray and take life negatively, but when one is into music, you can rely on music to take your life positively and on the right path.
Wapong also shares, “One thing I have experienced in Nagaland is that people do not appreciate what others do. When they see others on stage, they try to comment in the negative. You got to appreciate and respect one another”.
“Do not give up on Nagaland. One day it will rise up. Incipit dreams to change the pace of music in Nagaland and try to bring a different scene of music in Nagaland in our own participation” Wapong says.
Would it be too daring to say Incipit could be a supergroup consisting of members from good bands and create their special niche in contemporary rock. Say, in Nagaland to begin with? Whatever the outcome, it is a brilliant beginning so far!
Incipit lineup :

Atsa Lang Roths- Guitars
Yangkum Jinger- Drums
Meyasunep Imchen- Bass Guitars
Wapong Ozukum- Vocals
Akok Imsong- keyboards
Luther Anar- Band Manager

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