Incomplete School building in Gopibung

Fr. D Kavom
Dimapur, Nagaland

I’m constraint write this the media since the grievances and the pain of the villagers are never heard by the authority and education is the basic needs for all round development.

I believed that as and when the authority heard the agony of the villagers by reading this write-up, a positive outcome may arise and the issue is redressed at the earliest.

That, while passing the village called Gopibung, which is under Peren District of Nagaland. In the corner of the Village above the road leading to Khelma Village, a government school was constructed in which two rooms are incomplete and the building is yet to be finished. By looking at the building, I believed that the school had been constructed for the past 2/3 years back. On enquiring about the incomplete building, one of the villagers reluctantly told me that “We have heard from a reliable source that the last instalment had been released, despite the building stands in incomplete state.”

I was surprised and irritated as how this could happened since the concerned authority is supposed to visit every school building right after the construction so as to check the contractor whether the school has been constructed as per the Blue Print respectively.

I also believed that the villagers are not bold enough to reach the matter to the concerned authority as such their long grievance has been unheard.

As by profession, I am a businessman who needs not to bother in the said construction. However, as I feel there is no one to reach the matter to the concerned authority as such I believed to reach the unreached is what I could contribute to the said village. Therefore, I sincerely appeal the concerned authority to look the matter at the earliest possible so that the underprivileged students may complete their primary education at their doorstep.