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BJP will protect rights of NE people at all costs, says MP Rakesh Sinha

Newmai News Network

Shillong | August 14


BJP leader and Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, Rakesh Sinha on Wednesday allayed the fears of the people of the region over the abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, assuring that his party will protect the rights of the indigenous people of the North East region.


 “There is no need to fear as BJP will protect tooth and nail the rights of the NE people at all costs and at all times,” Sinha told reporters in Shillong on Wednesday while reacting to a query on the apprehension that the Centre’s recent decision on J&K may have a percolation effect on the region.


Article 370 provided special status to Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), whereas the special status and Sixth Schedule status to northeastern states is provided under Article 371, which is derived from Article 370.


He said there is no comparison between the laws that are applicable to the northeastern states and Article 370.


 “There cannot be comparison between Article 371 and Article 370, both are two different things. Those who are making comparison in fact they are enemies of the NE people and tribals. They are fear mongers and I condemn that as they are the people who are trying to create division,” the MP bluntly stated.


Stating that the tribal rights are different, Sinha said here, tribal rights are protected, people are protected, their economy rights are protected and being "indigenous-ness" is protected and assured “there is no need to fear”.


The MP further advised those who were creating fear, to re-read the Constituent Assembly debates.


According to him, first there was an integration of Jammu & Kashmir and Instrument of accession (IOA) for all the 562 states were common and even for Jammu & Kashmir it was not different, same IOA and same format was signed. Article 370 came later on in the Constituent Assembly.


 “They should re-read the Constituent Assembly debate in which it was categorically stated the word interim then it became temporary (but) Congress made it special and Gopal Swami who was looking after the home ministry then had stated that this would become a thing of the past,” he said.


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