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A call for state wide prayer on October 27 & fasting and prayer on November 2

Rev Dr Z Keyho

President, Nagaland Joint Christian Forum

The Nagas are at a turning point. It is unfortunate where what is suppose to be good news is turning out to create tension and insecurity in the minds of the common people. The church has stood behind throughout the negotiating process in prayer and in intercession for so many years. Therefore, even during this uncertain period, we must continue to intercede for our leaders so that God will intervene.

The church cannot allow terror and fear to reign over the minds of the people. “The blessings of the church” should be used to bring peace in the mind of the people and not threat and terror.” To live in fear and in speculation of what the future might be is the worse one can ask for.

The situation is pressing hard upon us. In such a time such as this, we cannot just stay and wait upon what may come. We have prayed for our political settlement for long. Our grand parents have prayed, our parents have prayed and we have and are still praying. Our prayer has been and will still be for “peaceful solution.” When the church has been praying for peaceful solution it means it has been praying for mutual understanding, respect and peace solution as in non-violence. Violence and terror through force is not peace, it is a threat.

We cannot allow undesirable element cut deeper into our society and create bigger wounds. Be it solution or whatever, no more bloodshed, no more war of terror and threat. Nagas have had enough of it in our history. If solution and peace is offered otherwise, we will once again lose our hope in human instinct and conscience.

The situation calls for the church to once again get on our knees and intercede for peaceful solution. We believe “what is impossible for man is possible with God.” We are frustrated, we are angry, we have had enough but if we act on that emotion we cannot expect a positive outcome. Our leaders must solve the differences for the people to face the final stage if at all we must.

The impossibility from human point of view is perhaps, huge but in the name of God, it can become possible if our leaders can come down to the same level and reason together. We cannot have wine-lose solution, it must be win-win solution. To achieve this, our leaders must come face to face and iron out the wrinkles that are holding peace to smoothly flow into our land.

With speculations of this and that doing the round, fear and terror is knocking at our door. We are beginning to develop a sense of insecurity. The voices we hear and the tone in which it is conveyed is definitely changing. Impatience and intolerance may blow up the situation to what is undesirable. In such a situation, we can only turn to God for help and direction.

We have loud and clear that, the negotiation is at the last stage. Should not we be rejoicing hearing that? If the end creates fear and uncertainty the result can be devastating. We must allow the end to bring news that will relieve the fear in us. We can clearly feel that patience is running out on both sides. If we let go of our hope for peaceful and amicable solution we sure are going to land up in a situation we do not hope for. History should not be repeated again where insecurity, fear and terror once again reign over the people.

We seem to be experiencing the silence of God. Should we blame God or should be blame our own insincerity? Certainly, God cannot be blamed. We must repent of our arrogance and negligence. We must once again humble ourselves and seek God. The word of God is clear, we must seek his face in repentance. This includes not only the common people who hope for peaceful solution but it also includes the leaders who are at the negotiating table. Repentance and sincerity is for both.

At this point of time our prayer is specially for our leaders. You cannot turn your deaf ear to the common people who have been praying for how many years. They have believed in you and have prayed for you and now they long for peace and peaceful solution as Nagas. Brotherhood and sisterhood will not die in any given situation. We cannot continue to speak of our oneness as a people with regrets. One cannot be praying and the other remain arrogant and adamant. We all must seek God’s forgiveness and allow ourselves to be open to God’s leading and direction.

So given the situation, In such a pressing time as this, the Nagaland Joint Christian forum calls upon all the denominations in Nagaland to organize prayer vigil from October 27 (Sunday) till it culminates with a day of fasting and prayer on November 2, 2019 from 7:00AM -12:00 Noon. Every denomination is entrusted to encourage all the members to go to the church for prayer. The fasting and prayer day will culminate with everyone coming out to a strategic-designated place in the town and in the village for a concluding prayer. 


Prayer points for Sunday (Oct 27,2019)

*    Pray for peaceful solution

*    Pray for our leaders who are negotiating with the GOI, that God will give them Wisdom and understanding.

*    Pray that our leaders will be humble and forgiving and listen to the voice of God and the people.

*    That our leaders will come together face to face and sort of the differences to salvage the situation.

*    That God will grant patience and wisdom to both the GOI and the Nagas to understand and honour each other. 

*    Pray that GOI will be considered and mindful of the wish of the Nagas and not use force at this time of our history
*    Pray for Interlocutor for God’s wisdom and patience.

*    Pray for the Prime Minister of India that God will give him the wisdom to tackle the critical situation with patience and understanding.

*    Pray that there will be no more bloodshed in our Land.

For seven days, that is , October 27-November 02 every church in Nagaland are requested to pray mutual respect and understanding among our political groups at this critical situation in our journey as Nagas.

We must make our desire known to God once again. And this we must do in all sincerity and not just to fulfil the call to fast and pray.

Prayer points and other logistic arrangement will be locally informed through the denomination leaders. The NJCF also request the state government to declare this particular day as a day of fasting and prayer.


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