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Celebrating Naganess

Life is beautiful in the Naga hills.
Its culture is serenely magical.
Its people affable and affectionate.
Life is as mystique as elsewhere.
Hornbills of the nature and
Folklores of the old demystify the verve.
And when the harvest season comes in,
Bonfire at Morung invokes festivity.
Hue of shawl, makhela, beads, arm bands
And headgear springs to life.


Naga culture is kaleidoscopic,
As psychedelic as rice beer.
To decode the aesthetics,
Understanding Makhel ancestors might help.
To know the beauty, ask the spirit of forests;
To feel it, flirt with Naga chilli;
To celebrate it, wear the aroma of axone,
And dance away to the beats of drums and chants.


- Naga Students, TISS Mumbai


Brief background
At Mosaic Festival- a cultural celebration of northeast students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Naga cultural dance representing various tribes was performed among other form of dances from neighbouring states. Naga dance was complemented with a poem at the start to locate and enunciate our culture, land, and way of life. The poem composed by Naga students, TISS Mumbai is an effort to capture the essence of Naganess in the age old celebration of our cultures.


Greetings to you all!

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