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CGBU alleges anomalies in distribution of BPL rice

Reuters file photo

Reuters file photo


Dimapur, February 13 (MExN): The Chakhroma GBs Union (CGBU) today alleged that it has been brought to their knowledge about “certain anomalies” in the monthly distribution of BPL rice in Medziphema sub-division. 

In connection to this matter, the CGBU President, Rokovitso Kuotsu and Secretary, Thepfükuo Nagi in a press release expressed the “wish to know from the concerned authority about the reason behind the irregularities.” 

It stated that while all other villages are allotted 5Kgs per head, it is learned that the villages under Medziphema sub-division are given only 4Kgs per head since 2017 to till date. “This is not the case of one village alone but all the villages under the sub-division are allotted only 4 Kg per head, therefore it is observed that all is not well with the distribution of rice under Medziphema sub-division,” the Union stated. 

CGBU being concerned about the unequal distribution of rice within Chakhroma jurisdiction, the Union queried “whether the decrease in the quantity was affected from the concerned ministry or is it done by the state government? And why only Medziphema sub-division has been differently allotted?”

Taking note of the alleged anomalies, the Union said that PHH ration is a centrally sanctioned scheme under National Food Security Act 2013 meant for the poor and needy, “as such the quantity of the rice to be distributed to the people are also uniformly fixed for all beneficiaries.”

“However, the unequal treatment meted out to the villages falling under Medziphema sub-division is a serious matter and need to be probed into by the concerned authorities. If the rice meant for the poor villagers are siphoned by any officer for personal benefits, it amounts to denial of livelihood of the poor villagers and hence that officer should be appropriately penalised under the relevant laws,” it demanded. 

The CGBU has therefore urged the government to “seriously conduct inquiry into this issue and bring out the true reason(s) for the unequal allocation of the BPL rice to the Medziphema sub-division for all this years and the reasons made known to the public at the earliest.” 

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