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Changkikong Senso Mungdang celebrates 75 yrs

Minister for PHE, Dr. Nganshi K. Ao with I. Imkong, MLA (on his left), former inister Chubatemjen and officials of Changkikong Senso Mungdang after unveiling of the Memorial Stone at Mongchen Village on February 2. (DIPR Photo)
Mokokchung, February 2 (DIPR): Changkikong Senso Mungdang (Changkikong Citizens Union), Mokokchung district, celebrated its Platinum Jubilee at Mongchen village with Nagaland Minister for PHE, Dr. Ngangshi K. Ao as the chief guest. The Minister, who arrived at Mongchen village on February 2nd, was given a warm welcome by the people of Changkikong range and the people of Mongchen village. Soon after his arrival, Dr. Ngangshi unveiled the Memorial stone of the Platinum Jubilee in the heart of Mongchen village.
Dr. Ngangshi Ao, in his speech, called upon the people of Changkikong Range to look at the achievements they have made in the past 75 years and also review where they have failed to pace with progress and development. Stating that the past 75 years have become history, Minister exhorted Changkikong people to take a new step to reclaim the past glory of one of the advanced ranges in Mokokchung district.
Reflecting state government’s stand on major issues confronting the state, the minister said government is committed to ensure that differences among the Nagas have to be resolved democratically but opposed division among the Nagas. He also said Nagas should exert their energy with a greater force to make themselves economically strong saying Nagaland state can not afford to always rely on central assistance.
Ao Senden President, I. Lendi, who exhorted the jubilee celebration, urged upon the range people to come out with a resolution to review success and unsuccessful stories of the union in the past 75 years of its existence. He also stressed on the need to take initiative of the Union to implement government schemes effectively and judiciously for the welfare of the people.
Dr. K. Chuba, Retd. IAS also spoke on the topic “New Step post Platinum Jubilee” during the session. Among others the celebration was attended by I. Imkong MLA, Chubatemjen, Ex Minister, Ao Senden Officials and Council chairman from Mokokchung and Chuchuyimpang village.