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CNSA suggests measures to strengthen RIIN & ILP

DIMAPUR, SEPTEMBER 15 (MExN): The Central Nagaland Student's Association (CNSA) today stated that the Registration of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) exercise must include only the 16 recognised tribes of Nagaland, while for the Kachari and Garo communities, the cut off year should be 1963 and the Government must maintain a proper register to ascertain their domicile in Nagaland. 

This was stated in a press release from the CNSA President, Himato K and General Secretary, Lipemo M Tsopoe.
It further urged that all the other recognised Naga Tribes should be allowed to register themselves from any recognised village they are living in, which is to be duly verified by the competent authority entrusted by the State Government. 

The association asked the government to take stringent measures to authenticate the genuine citizens of Nagaland.
Alongwith the earlier suggestions, the CNSA said that any GB, Council Chairperson or Government officials who certifies Non Nagas  of Nagaland must be penalised by way of imprisonment of 6 months or more as a minimum punishment.  

Any other citizens of India whose names are included in the electoral roll of Nagaland of 1963 “must not be indigenous but they can be allowed to be a permanent resident of Nagaland,” the CNSA advised. It however said that indigenous certificate and ST certificate must not be issued to them. 

It further asked that all other persons must come under ILP and any person without ILP must be arrested and deported immediately.  

It also said that no shop license should be issued to ILP holders. “Any person doing business in the name of indigenous people of Nagaland must be arrested and the license must be cancelled and the Naga person who allowed his or her name to be used must be imprisoned also,” it added.

The CNSA further suggested that labour permit for outsiders to work in Nagaland must be issued for one year only which can be renewed. It added that any outsider must not be allowed to work in Nagaland for more than 5 years continuously. 

It meanwhile asked the government to empower student associations and other civil societies to check ILP and help in its implementation. Another suggestion made was to make the ILP an online system. 

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