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Doing their part in conservation through deeds

Lanu Zunga Chuchuyimpang releasing wild pigeons and pheasants and nelgai at the Longrangdang forest, Chuchuyimpang on January, 2011. (Photo courtesy: Aso Imsong)
Mokokchung, February 3 (MExN): No act however small towards biodiversity conservation goes wasted, but this venture of the ‘Lanu Zunga’ of Chuchuyimpang village under Mokokchung district surely will go a long way in maintaining ecological balance in the environment. This Lanu Zunga (Lanu in Ao dialect means Young and Zunga means age-group which literally means young people clubbed as per their age group)  has taken the noble task of releasing wild animals and birds in forests in their village so that the wild animals and birds can thrive in the forests.
The president of Lanu Zunga of Chuchuyimpang village, N Shiluyanger and secretary, Imsong Sademtoshi disclosed that the ‘Lanu Zunga’ was launched a series of programmes since the year 2010 in Chuchuyimpang village in its endeavor to conserve the rich forest, rivers and environmental resources in the village areas. These programmes have been launched under the theme ‘Our Environment, Our Future’. It is a twenty year plan launched in the year 2000 when the village citizen annual meeting was held and where it was unanimously resolved to protect and conserve certain areas of the village forestland, rivers and river banks.
As a part of this programme, the Lanu Zunga on January 17, 2011 released a number jungle fowls, wild pigeons and Nelgai (locally called Sheo) in Longrangdang forest in Chuchuyimpang village. The animals and birds were transported from other parts of Mokokchung and were released in the forest with aim of letting them breed and multiply in the forest.
Not only that, earlier in the year 2010, the Lanu Zunga had also released over two hundred local and indigenous chicken, different breeds of rabbits in the two other forests of the village – Serani Lenden and Konyung forests – in a phased manner.
The two lanu Zunga office bearers disclosed that the programmes are ‘self sponsored projects’ and it includes not only releasing of wild animals and birds in the forests but also undertake mass awareness drives like organizing seminars and workshops to educate the people on the values of conserving and preserving biodiversity.
Supplementing these educational programmes, there is a standing order passed by the Village Council of Chuchuyimpang which strictly bans any form of hunting or activities that would undermine the ecological in the forests.
Nonetheless, the two Lanu Zunga of Chuchuyimpang credited the village council of Chuchuyimpang and the fellow citizens for making their venture a great success so far.
“All these programmes were carried out successfully with the help of the Village council and fellow citizens as part of the fulfillment of the 20 years plan launched since 2000 when the village citizen annual meeting resolved to protect and conserve certain areas of village forestland, rivers and river banks,” the two office bearers of Lanu Zunga Chuchuyimpang said.
In this connection, the The Lanu Zunga made a clarion call upon all fellow good citizens and the Nagas in particular to consciously think about their future and conserve their forest, rivers and animal habitat to make the land a better place to live in.
“Our small step in the village forestland will certainly be a contribution to the global community and as a citizen of the world we all must act in our own capacity,” it said.
Meanwhile, the Chuchuyimpang Lanu Zunga expressed heartfelt thanks to the Village Council and fellow citizens and individuals for consistently supporting this conservation programme. Besides, the Lanu Zunga conveyed special thanks to Dr Ngangshi, Minister PHED for his encouragement and support in the rehabilitation programme.