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HMF ‘The Big Stage’ kicks off with a bang!

HMF ‘The Big Stage’ kicks off with a bang!
Perfect Strangers, winners of the 2018 Hornbill International Rock Contest headlining ‘The Big Stage’ at Agri Expo, 4th Mile Dimapur on December 7. (Morung Photo by Manen Aier)


Morung Express News

Saronthung and the band, winners of Ticket to Hornbill audition representing Wokha District kicked off the brand new concept “The Big Stage” on day seven of the Hornbill Music Festival 2019. 

They were followed by Pin Drop Silence, winners of Ticket to Hornbill. Having travelled all the way from Kiphire to perform, the band admitted that they were pretty tired but said "I think we are okay" minutes before taking the stage. Singing four original songs and one cover song, the song "Follow the light" was the crowd favourite.  

Naga Incarnate, winners of Ticket to Hornbill from Tuensang were the most excited to take the stage stating that to perform at the Hornbill Festival stage was a childhood dream. “We are very much thankful to TaFMA for giving this opportunity,” said Naga Incarnate vocalist Ato. 

They were followed by Disciple of Love, winners of Ticket to Hornbill from Longleng who clearly won the crowd with their onstage presence. 

Four seasoned musicians in the Naga music industry, Bethel Tsuzu, David Sunar, Atsa Lang Roths, Fung Walling played under “The Teaspoon Project”. They performed renditions of popular songs like Imagine Dragon's 'Radioactive', Pharrell Williams' 'Get Lucky', The Chainsmokers' 'Don't Let Me Down' and many more. 

The band had this to say before hitting the stage: We are an experimental band and we love juggling between genres. We decided to go with a much heavier sound this Hornbill and we've been tirelessly working on the set list which has been absolutely fun.

The band also collaborated again with the amazing teenage powerhouse, Akhrole Keyho. "It's been a challenge for her to move away from her comfort zone and sing to highly overdriven guitar tones and crazy rhythm sections. So, really looking forward to how she handles the madness on stage tonight!"

Headlining The Big Stage were "Perfect Strangers", a versatile band from Bangalore who played both originals and covers. The band combines elements of pop, melodic and hard rock. Winners of the 2018 Hornbill International Rock Contest, the band stated that it was extremely nostalgic to be performing on the Hornbill stage. 


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