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‘I want to keep entertaining my fans’

‘I want to keep entertaining my fans’

Rev Fredrick, Mr Truth, Uncle Peter all- in- one Chuba Longchar is here to keep the amusement on  


Morung Express Feature

On January 2, 2017, Dreamz Unlimited posted a video titled ‘The Demand’ stating in their YouYube channel – “Made this video by some of our artiste for 1st January 2017 Entertainment Night for a church program so thought will share it here too. Just a funny take on the satanic worship issue prevalent with some youths in our society.”

To this day, the video has generated over 732,202 views. However, besides the figure, ‘The Demand’ went on to create a new wave of fans raving about one of its characters ‘Rev Fredrick.’ 

It did not take long for Rev Fredrick to become a household name and his crossed-hands gesture was a signature for greeting.   Soon people shared videos of them enacting Rev Fredrick to show their love and appreciation. 

Not long before this success, Dreamz Unlimited released a full length film about ‘Politics, Family and Friendship’ titled “Nana- A tale of us” in July 2017. The film won many acclamations and award and undeniable it became an overnight hit. 
Once again Rev Fredrick reappeared but this time in the character of ‘Uncle Ato’ followed by many other admirable characters like Mr. Truth, Uncle Peter and so on. 

For everyone’s information, Rev Fredrick’s real name is Imkongchuba Longchar and till date he has featured in over 50 YouTube videos making people laugh with his humour.  

The Morung Express had a chit-chat with this popular comedian and actor to talk about his life, career, future plans.



MExN: Introduce us to Chuba a.k.a Rev Fredrick

Chuba: I’m a fun loving guy. I believe in being real and simple as you can be


MExN: Person in real life

Chuba: I’m the same person off and on camera


MExN: Dreamz Unlimited (DU) journey

Chuba: I joined DU in 2011. The director approached me for a role in one of the stage plays


MExN: First role in DU

Chuba: I played as a constable in one of the stage shows


MExN: First experience acting in front of camera

Chuba: I was camera conscious in the beginning but it got better with time


MExN: First experience acting live on stage

Chuba: It was nerve wrecking


MExN: Video production or live performance:

Chuba: I enjoy both video production and performing live because I get to retake during filming and enjoy interacting with people on the stage.


MExN: Was becoming as actor always your aim in life

Chuba: Acting was never my ambition but after I became a part of DU, it became my passion


MExN: Is acting your full time career?

Chuba: I would like to keep my options open but acting will always be my passion


MExN: Does your parents and family support your choice of career?

Chuba: Like a typical Naga family, I faced little difficulty convincing my family in the beginning but I believe they’re happy with my choice now J

Did you ever imagine that you would have a fan base?

Chuba: Never in my wildest dreams! But I’m humbled and grateful to everyone who loves and supports me


MExN: Do you feel that you have certain responsibilities towards your fan?

Chuba: I would like to keep entertaining them as long as I can


MExN: Most challenging part of being popular

Chuba: I get to spend less time with my family because of the busy schedule and I’m working on it to bridging the gap


MExN: Most satisfying part of the job:

Chuba: I get to learn a lot from each video as it gives different experiences, get to travel around and meet new people


MExN: What are the uncertainties you face being an actor? How do you overcome these uncertainties?

Chuba: There are lots of talented actors coming up so it is challenging to keep myself at par with them. I’m always learning and polishing myself to be better than what I am today


MExN: Do you think in Nagaland, being an actor has future scope?

Chuba: Nagaland is filled with talented people. I think with the change in time, there is scope for anyone who has passion and interest in whatever career they choose.


MExN: Ultimate career dream:

Chuba: I have not given much thought because I go with the flow but it would be great if my acting gives me a full time career


MExN: Advice/Message for aspiring actor

Chuba: I see a lot of upcoming artists in Nagaland who are far better than me. It is challenging to be an actor but as long as you have the passion, dedication and zeal to push forward, anything is possible. Most importantly, love what you do and trust yourself. That will take you a long way.


With love from ...


Dear Rev Fredrick,


I really like your authentic acting skill. And any video of Dreamz Unlimited is incomplete without you. My regards and best wishes for your future endeavours.

- Love from Mon to Rev Fredrick


Rev Fredrick, you are such a natural actor, never fails to amaze me. You have this miraculous gift of attracting people through your talent.

- Asang, Dimapur


My sister is a big fan of Rev Fredrick.  I am not lying when I say she has watched all the videos of Dreamz Unlimited. Some videos, she watches over and over again. She will watch alone and have a good time laughing especially, whenever there is an appearance of Rev Fredrick, she will watch it in repeat mode. Whenever DU uploads a new video, I am sure my sister will be the top 1 to watch first, if not atleast in the top 10 list of first people to watch.

Thank you Rev Fredrick for making my sister’s life happier J

- On behalf of my shy sister


My only message for him is to never feel let down in life no matter the circumstances and continue to influence people through his talent and with that, hope for a lasting transformation in the Naga society for generations to come.

- Kemp Ward Joy


Rev. Fredrick has become a household name in Nagaland. You are a dynamic actor with a strong humourous personality. I love your versatility and the execution of the role you plays in every act whether big or small role. More power to Rev. Fredrick

- Sunep Lemtur

Yes very much (on being a fan) especially for the kungfu master role. Keep doing the good job and please don’t stop making Mr Truth episodes.

-  Yanren Ezung


Chuba is one of the most sincere and hardworking artiste we have in the team. Everyone has their limitations, when he joined the team many years back he couldn’t even memorise two lines but today it’s all because of his hard work and passion for acting he has been able to overcome all that. The energy and presence he has on the stage or on screen makes the characters he portray more interesting and enjoyable

- Tiakumzuk Aier, Director, DU

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