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Konyak Frontal Organisations waging ‘war against drugs’

CoDAMP formed to lead mass movement with technical and strategic support and expertise


Mon, December 9 (MExN): A two days Training for Detoxification Camp Coordinators was conducted at KBBB Mission Compound, Mon by the Committee Of Drug Abuse & Mitigation and Prevention (CoDAMP) on December 4 and 5. This training is in line with the Declaration of the Konyak frontal organizations on a “War against Drugs”.

It may be recalled that on September 4, 2019, all the KonyakApex organizations, the KonyakNyupuhShekoKhong (KNSK), the Konyak Students’ Union (KSU), Konyak Baptist BumienokBangjüm (KBBB), led by the Konyak Union decided to fight against the menace of Drug abuse in the district and the community. With this objective, the CoDAMP was formed inorder to lead the mass movement with technical and strategic support and expertise.

As a first step to this “war against drugs” the Apex Konyak organization have decided to go ahead with detoxification camps for villages combating this problem of drug and opium abuse. The village councils and the churches, along with the students body and women’s organization would be responsible for organizing the camp with the help of the 27 volunteers who signed up to render their service as camp coordinators. 

The resource persons of the two days training were from Kripa Foundation Kohima. The introductory program of the training was chaired by Wangchah Konyak, Youth Secretary of KBBB and member CoDAMP while the keynote address was given by Dr Chenjei Konyak, Convenor, CoDAMP. The Deputy Commissioner, Mon, Thavaseelan K (IAS) and Superintendent of Police, Mon, Imnalensa (IPS) who were also present at the program appreciated the effort of the CoDAMP and the tribal leaders, expressed their support for this movement and motivated the volunteers of the said training. The prayer was pronounced the Executive Secretary of KBBB and the vote of thanks was pronounced by Toantao Konyak, Mission Secretary of KBBB. 

The Committee of Drug Abuse & Mitigation and Prevention (CoDAMP) is partnered with the KonyakGazzetted Officers’ Union (KGOU), Joint Action Committee Against Opium Addiction (JACAOA), Mon Users Network (MUN), Gospel Outreach Ministry (GOM), Kripa Foundation and the Konyak Baptist Churches Association (KBBB).


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