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Most accidental deaths are road related accidents in Nagaland

Most accidental deaths are road related accidents in Nagaland

• 44 traffic accident related deaths reported in 2018: NCRB data  
• State figured lowest incidences of accidental deaths in India 


Morung Express News
Dimapur | January 13 

Nagaland reported the lowest incidences of accidental deaths in the whole of India during 2018. In the state, there were 94 cases of accident cases with 86 deaths and 90 injured at a rate of 4.0 per 100,000 lakh population. The all India average of accidental deaths stood at 31.1.  

According to the latest report, ‘Accidental Deaths and Suicides in India 2018 compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Ministry of Home Affairs, causes of accidental deaths were grouped into two broad categories i.e. ‘Deaths due to Forces of Nature and ‘Deaths due to Other Causes’. Classification of types and causes of accidental deaths has been done for statistical purpose only, it stated. 

Under causes attributable to ‘Forces of Nature,’ 2 deaths were reported in Nagaland due to landslide. 

In the ‘Other Causes’ category, 44 deaths were due to traffic accidents, 16 died by drowning, 2 by electrocution, 1 by accidental fire (electrical short circuit) , 1 by firearm, 1 during a stampede, 4 by food poisoning, 8 sudden deaths.


Other than that, 7 cases of deaths have been classified as ‘others.’

Majority of the accidental death reported in 2018 was related to traffic accidents. According to the report, there were 59 cases- 50 cases of road accident and 9 cases were railway related. 90 were injured and 44 person (35 male, 9 female) died in road accidents while 9 died in railway crossing related cases. 

Further breaking it up, in road related deaths, majority of the accident were reported in December with 9 cases.

Road classification wise, 30 cases were reported in National Highway out of which 39 injured and 20 died. In the State highways there were 9 cases out of which 13 were injured and 6 died. In the ‘Other roads’ category, there were 11 cases out of which 38 were injured and 9 dead.

The cause of accidents were dangerous and careless driving/overtaking (15 cases-19 injured and 11 deaths), over speeding (13 cases-18 injured, 9 deaths), driving under influence of drug/alcohol (7 cases-7 injured, 4 deaths), defect in mechanical condition of motor vehicle (9 cases-36 injured, 8 deaths), weather condition (1 case-1 injured, 1 death), lack of infrastructure (3 cases-7 injured, 2 deaths) and cases not known (2 cases-2 injured). 

The mode of transport in relation to number of death reported were Truck /lorry- offender 8, victim 4, SUV/station wagon -5, Car- offender 10, victim 2, Jeep- 1, Three wheeler/auto-rickshaw- 1and Two-wheeler- 3. 
Surprisingly, there was no report of any fire accident in Nagaland during 2018.  


Maharashtra highest number of accidental deaths in India 
In India, out of 4, 11,824 accidental deaths, like previous year, in 2018 also, Maharashtra with a population share of 9.2% reported highest number of accidental deaths (68,834), contributing nearly one-sixth (16.7%) of total accidental deaths reported in the country. 

Uttar Pradesh, the most populous State in the country with population share of 16.8% has accounted for 9.1% of the total accidental deaths in the country.

The highest rate of accidental deaths was reported from Puducherry (82.0) followed by Chhattisgarh (66.2), Maharashtra (56.7), Haryana (54.8), Madhya Pradesh (51.7) and Goa (48.2). 

19 out of 36 States/UTs reported higher rates of ‘Accidental Deaths’ as compared to All India Average of 31.1 deaths per one lakh of population at all India level. 

Number of ‘Traffic Accidents’ in the country increased from 4, 74,515 in 2017 to 4, 74,638 in 2018. (However, the rate of deaths in road accidents per thousand vehicles i.e. 0.6 has remained same as it was in 2017). 

Maximum increase in number of traffic accidents cases in States was reported in Uttar Pradesh (from 38,324 in 2017 to 40,783 in 2018) followed by Kerala (from 38,943 in 2017 to 40,619 in 2018) and Bihar (from 10,623 in 2017 to 11,405 in 2018). 

During 2018, two wheelers have accounted for maximum fatal road accidents (54,610 deaths), contributing 35.7% of total road accidental deaths, followed by trucks/lorries (24,260 deaths) (15.9%), cars (21,290 deaths) (13.9%) and buses (10,514 deaths) (6.9%). 

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