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Nagaland Opposition attacks govt on CAA

Our Correspondent
Kohima | February 14

Opposition leader TR Zeliang today said that in Motion of thanks to the Governor’s address, the Opposition Members have raised many pertinent points, however satisfactory answers were not provided in the Government’s reply, particularly on the issue of CAA 2019.

Participating in the general discussion on the budget for the year 2020-21 here on the floor of the House, Zeliang said “Instead, the Leader of the House call the people who oppose the stand of the present dispensation vis-à-vis the CAA, ‘Anti-Naga’.”

“Speaker Sir, is this the right approach of the Leader of the House and the government in handling sensitive issues by calling the people who oppose the government policies and programs as Anti-Naga?,” Zeliang said.

Questioning the opposition bench, the Leader of the House questioned if the BEFR and 371(A) cannot protect the Nagas, what is the alternative?

“To answer to him, let me just say that like the Government in Kerala and West Bengal, we should have rejected the Act and boldly spoken out against it as we know the implications of the Act in the long run,” Zelaing said.

He said that there is no mention of RIIN (Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland) in the budget speech.

“This government committed that they are according priority to distinguish between the indigenous and non-indigenous Nagas, so as to protect the Nagas. However, the failure to mention the status and the policies in this regard is most disheartening,” he said.

Also stating that there was no mention of implementation of ILP in Dimapur in the budget speech, Zeliang said there was confusion in the manner in which the government was implementing it. “It is becoming a horrendous exercise.”


‘CAA is against spirit of secularism’
MLA Amenba Yaden said that on Indo-Naga Political Issue there is no specific step of initiative taken by the PDA government, except for routine and ritualistic slogan like constructive role, active facilitation etc.

He pointed out that out of 80 plus departments in the state hardly 13 are mention and not mentioning on road sector and its achievements, no rural development program and its achievements, no program for farmers though Nagas are agrarian society.

In regard to CAA 2019 issue, opposition MLA said the members of opposition bench staged a walk out without voting as from the treasury bench unnecessarily dragged in the Article 371 (A) and the BEFR Act 1873, which has no connection with CAB. He said consequently the bill could not make an assembly resolution but the government resolution.
Yaden said CAA is against the spirit of secularism and it destroys the very fabric of secularism enshrined in the Indian constitution. He reminded that all civil societies of Nagaland including NSF against the controversial CAA issue which would impact the state. He said once the CAA becomes operative in Assam or elsewhere in any state  of India, a floodgate for illegal immigrants to infiltrate into our land, thereby altering the demographic and linguistic uniqueness of the NE region in general and  Nagaland in particular would be seriously affected.

Based more CAA issue, Yaden opposition MLA said once illegal immigrants obtained Indian citizenship from another state and came to Nagaland with proper valid documents like ILP, could not be denied entry to Nagaland. He opined that immigrants would come in thousands, the rate of unemployment problem amongst Naga youth is very high and even the scope of daily wage earning for manual works and semi-skill works is becoming hard to find as the state is swarmed with illegal migrants available with a very low wage.

Yaden said the 60 members need to be sensitive to the feelings of the people whom they represent and if show indifference to this impending dangers due to narrow political ideologies, the future generation of Nagas will not forgive but would curse them.


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