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Nagaland Police duty cum sports and athletics meet

DIMAPUR, DECEMBER 14 (MExN): At the ongoing Nagaland Police duty cum sports & athletics meet, teams from the 6 NAP, 5 NAP, 4 NAP, and DEF Kohima booked their semi final berths in the football tournament. 

In the shooting competition, NAPTC emerged as the champions while 11 IR came in second and 12 NAP IR came in third. In the Kabaddi finals, the winners were 14 NAP IR, followed by 5 NAP in the second spot and 1 NAP in the third spot. 

The 14 IR team won the tug of war final, with the 5 NAP and DEF Phek coming in as second and third. 

The basketball semi finals saw wins for the 6 NAP and 14 NAP IR booking their places for the final. 

In the 200 meters final race, Lanutola of 15 AR ‘A COY’ came in first followed by Tahwao of 15 AR ‘E COY’, Neilasenuo of 15 IR ‘B COY’, and Vetavolu of 1 NAP. 

Meanwhile the boxing finals saw the following winners: Longna of 13 NAP IR (49kgs), Imtikumba 14 IR NAP (52kgs), Imtizulu 14 IR (56kgs), Bikash Gurung 2 NAP (60kgs), Qhesheto 13 NAP IR (64kgs), Wangpai DEF Mon (69kgs), Rokouvotou 14 NAP IR (75kgs), Lalenmang CP Dmr (81kgs), Vekuzo Vezuh 12NAP IR (91kgs), and Imlichuba DEF Mon (91+kgs). 

The best boxer award was given to Rokouvotou with the best challenging boxer award given to Wekhrotso. 

The 14 NAP IR emerged as the team champion while the second and third places went to 13 NAP IR and DEF Mon. 



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