A. Z. Jami
Naga Nationalist


At present we the Nagas are living under the occupation of India. The Indian systems and cultures have already penetrated into the lives of the Nagas. As such, what is happening in India, whether good or bad, is impacting on the lives of the Nagas. Therefore, it may not be wrong to say something about the political situations in India. The Indian National Congress had ruled India for decades together, only short stints by other parties. In recent times, the UPA led by congress and NDA led by BJP have been in competitive mood. But in 2017 general elections in five states, viz. Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa, Uttar Pradesh and Manipur had change the political landscape of India. There might be many factors, the main factors were1. The Congress leadership and 2.The difference between Malayam Singh Yadav and son Akhilesh Yadav, the father and son duo. Every Indian understands that U.P is the most populous and most powerful state in India. But why, in the first place, Malayam left U.P. under the care of his son Akhilesh Yadav, after winning the previous election? Instead of holding the state /govt Under his firm grip, he left the fate of his party in particular and India in general into the hands of politically inexperienced and untried person like Akhilish Yadav.  Malayam constructed a big bungalow in UP and went to Delhi to built a royal palace. But in his absence the UP bungalow of his was blown away by a strong cyclone.


Now, who is Akhilish Yadav?  Akhilesh Yadav is the son of Malayam Singh Yadav who has been one of the tallest figures in UP and in India. Malayam as a father had brought up Akhilesh in the best ways possible. He groomed him to be his successor. He wanted his son to be great. But as per the incidents between the father and the son during the last state general election, we found that Akhilesh had scant respect for his father. He slapped his father on one cheek by not rejecting his main advisors and guides whom his father rejected. And he slapped his father on the other side of the cheek by rejecting the list of candidates prepared by his father as per his readings and experiences. Finally Akhilesh Yadav kicked out his father from the national president of Swamachwati party and he himself occupied the post. It was the most humiliating kick against his father and shameful in modern history of Indian politics. After facing decimation of his party in the last state general election, Akhilesh was talking laughingly to the people as if he felt nothing. He tried to hide shame and remorse in his laughing. He could not understand his experienced father’s suggestion. He could not understand that in 2014 parliament election the people of UP slipped out of his grip and voted for the BJP candidates which party captured the most of the MP seats in U.P. in which he was the Chief Minister.


The other point of consideration is the congress covertly or overtly projecting Rahul Gandhi as Prime Ministerial candidate. Rahul Gandhi as a young person may have many good qualities and capabilities and brave. But it seems he is not a Prime Ministerial material for many of the Indians opposition leaders. The congress leaders have been shouting in support of Rahul Gandhi for the post of Prime Minister of India. But it clearly seems that they have reservations and also the leaders of other alliance partners are sceptics as for Indians age also matters much.


There are many senior, veteran and competent leaders in the congress party to be Prime Minister. Why not projecting one of them? Or if they want victory and maintain Federalism and Secularism in India, the congress can project any competent members of the alliance partners just as Lalu Prasad Yadav had done in Bihar who gave a chance to Nitish kumar though his party won more seats than the Nitish’s .


But for the BJP it has won the waterloo of Indian politics from the UP in the last election. Now it will be difficult to defeat the BJP easily. Anyway, if the BJP led NDA adopts many drastic policies and strategies antagonising the other political parties and different sections of the Indian society. That may not go well with Indian federalism. If the BJP led NDA wins the 2019 parliament election, who knows India may be broken into pieces. Because, India is not a nation but is British made country. The recent unpleasant remarks against Mahatma Gandhi by Amit Shah, the national president of BJP was very unfortunate. Perhaps Amit Shah was extremely buffed up because of some electoral successor under his leadership. But even if Amit shah lives hundred years or more, he may not be able to attend the stature of Mahatma Gandhi, because Mahatma Gandhi was a humanist. And an Angel of peace. He is internationally recognised and respected figure.


Physically Indian may not be so strong, yet many Indians are intellectual giants outwitting many of their country parts around the world. But it is very difficult to teach the Indian common people. Many were dead thousands upon thousands suffered and are suffering because of Prime Minister Modi’s policy of demonetisation. It was said that demonetisation is to check corruption and money hoardings. But instead the common people suffer and loss in many ways. If a millionaire losses ten millions but saves two millions he has still opportunities to rise up, but if a poor man losses a few hundreds or thousands he is undone. Likewise, there is no difficulty for the big and rich, but the common people suffer greatly. Many people in Indian and aboard thought that the BJP would be defeated in the last elections because of the demonetisation policy. But on the contrary Indian common people supported the BJP overwhelmingly. India is a land of the Hindus. So whether good or bad, live or dead if the agenda is for Hindus, most of the Indian people go for it. It is a dangerous trend.


In Assam Sarbanada Sonowal, a tribal, became the Assam BJP Chief Minister. Many thought that Sonowal, being a tribal, would be good for the tribals and minorities in Assam, but surprisingly Sonowal adopted two child policy, the aim and objective of which maybe to bar the Christians and Muslims from the political field. Because, the Christians, Muslims and tribals generally takes more children.


The flip flop position of Bihar Chief Minister, Nitish kumar and some of smaller parties outside the NDA, supporting the BJP led NDA are another points of consideration. They support not in the interest of the Indians as a whole, but they are doing so in their personal and party interests.


Again, there are many Prime Minister aspirants in India, like LK Advani, M.M. Joshi, Malayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Nitish kumar, Farook Abdullah, Sharad Pawar, Lalu Prasad Yadev etc., Who may not want to allow others to take the chance and that is another hurdle on the way.


Banning directly or indirectly, the cattle business and eating of beef is extremely provocative and divisive policy of NDA Hindus. If the people of other religions ban the most important items of food or articles the Hindus used, what they would think and react? There are more than 120 Christian majority countries in the world and there are about 50 Muslim majority countries. But there are only 3 Hindu majority countries in the world, viz India, Nepal, and Mauritius. The Christian and Muslim population accounts for (33% +24%) = 57% of the world population whereas the Hindus consists of only 15% of the world population. So, if serious confrontations arise on the religious lines, how can there be peace in the world?? The Hindus of India must think seriously and the BJP led NDA should respect the sentiments of other religions instead of killing people on the issue of cows and beefs.



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