Indian women feel positive mindset is part of their beauty: Survey

Indian women feel positive mindset is part of their beauty: Survey

New Delhi, October 13 (IANS) Over 90 per cent of Indian women feel that a positive mindset, physical fitness and emotional balance are part of their beauty, says the Philips Global Beauty Index.


Philips, which offers a range of styling gadgets, released the findings of its annual study Philips Global Beauty Index on Friday.


Over 1,000 women were surveyed in India, across metros, to analyse the beauty industry’s pace and its sync with women’s changing roles and the demand for personalised products and constant innovation.


Some of the findings of the index are that Indian women are conscious and appreciative of their mental and physical health — and believe it to be part of their beauty regime, and are more comfortable in their skin than ever, said a statement.


Of the women surveyed, 67 per cent said having self-respect makes them feel confident. Also, 63 per cent of them said happiness is their next most chosen confidence-booster.


As many as 87 per cent of the respondents said they are most likely to incorporate drinking water and 58 per cent agreed to exercising often as part of their beauty regime.


Over 50 per cent of them said they practise yoga and 47 per cent said they meditate regularly. Then, 42 per cent of them said beauty industry is more focused on overall well-being than it was in the past. Over 52 per cent women are aspirational and look up to celebrities for their choices of beauty products.


The most important aspects for women in India in terms of defining their beauty is: having a positive mind-set (96 per cent) and being physically fit (95 per cent). Feeling emotionally balanced is also very important (89 per cent).


Dipti Shah Jagdev, Senior Director – Personal Care, Philips Personal Health, India, shared: “Philips understands the Indian woman and her evolving needs. In India, more and more women are pursuing higher education; joining the workforce; and families are going nuclear.”