‘Infinity Organic’- Certified food products store open

‘Infinity Organic’- Certified food products store open
Vice president, IFOAM, Dr. Frank Eyhorn (extreme right), and his team along at the launch of ‘Infinity Organic’, the certified organic products store at 4th Mile, Dimapur. Also seen Abokali Jimomi (2nd left), the proprietor of the store and others. (Morung Photo)


Morung Express News
Dimapur | December 7


Here’s good news for the health conscious citizens who foray supermarkets and neighbourhood grocery shops in search of organic food products for their daily meals.


‘Infinity Organic’, the first store in Nagaland catering exclusively to certified organic products, opened shutters at First Floor, Dimapur Enterprise Building, 4 Mile, near Agri Expo, on Thursday.


Dr. Frank Eyhorn, vice president, IFOAM and senior advisor, Sustainable Agriculture HELVETAS, Swiss Inter-cooperation, Zurich, Switzerland, who is on a visit to Nagaland along with his to understand organic farming movement in the State as part of their documentation, launched the store.


The vice president, IFOAM, said when he was invited to launch the organic products store, it made him think about the relevance of opening such a shop in Nagaland.


“Well, if we take a step back and look at what mankind has done to its foods, the food system, it’s quite mad. We are spraying our daily food with a cocktail or chemicals which are only designed to kill chemicals, chemicals of which we now know can in the long term cause cancer, Parkinsons, diabetes and allergies. They can limit development of brains of children”, Eyhorn said.


He said these chemicals are also destroying the environment including soil and water on which mankind depend.
He also said if one looks at those who produce our food, the farmers, who are among the poorest members of the society all over the world with many of them not having enough to eat, something seems to really wrong with the food system.


“I think organic agriculture is trying to fix that and proposing an alternative – healthy food and safe food – which is not only good for yourself, your children but also for the environment and also gives those who produce with their hard work a fair income. I think this is at the heart of Abokali when we had our first interview with a here a couple of days ago we were so impressed”, Eyhorn added.


Abokali Jimomi, the woman behind the venture, has been working and promoting organic produce and farming in the state for the last seven years through ‘Organic Nagaland’, a famer’s cooperative she founded.


‘Infinity Organic’ offers under its green roof a range certified organic products including pulses, cereals, edible oils, spices, herbal tea, fruit juice, health care and cosmetics and dietary supplements from trusted brands such as ‘Pukka’(UK), ‘Phalada Pure’, ’24 Mantra Organic, ‘Sanjeevani’ and ‘Vitro Naturals.’


All the brands are certified as per Indian, US and European organic standards.