Greenpeace and the World Environment

Today in commemoration with the World Environment Day, I, not as an environmentalist, but as a concerned citizen, would like to share about the impact of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO), how they can create zeal and awareness about healthy environment to the public, taking a positive exemplary work accomplished by an NGO known as Greenpeace.Greenpeace an […]

Anna Hazare And Medha Patkar: What Is The Difference?

In April this year the media went into a loud and vulgar rapture as Anna Hazare continued his four-day fast against corruption at Jantar Mantar in the capital. Hyperventilating newscasters repeatedly declared that the issue of corruption has “touched a cord” with the middle class. The circus at Jantar Mantar ended on a happy note […]

Territorial Plan: Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh

It is the commencement of much awaited summer, if the rebels of the street (Sangbaaz) are facing massive crackdown from the state and population is engrossed in unperturbed silence of misdoings, it is perhaps the right time to ask questions and seek answers. Over past twenty years to seek legitimation and relevancy, the state has […]

Kashmir & Introspections

Kashmir has been transformed from a beautiful vale to a wretched conflict, like a despondent poet, blossoming in pain, reciting ballads of war and violence. It has been torn to pieces by the many ill facets of ghastly wars. Only failures have made a political history here, awakening the memory of death and suffering every […]

Dalai Lama’s historic move

The Dalai Lama has finally succeeded in introducing changes in the Tibetan Constitution for which he has been working for over 50 years. Last Sunday morning he appended his signature to these changes, bringing to an end a 469-year-long chapter of theocracy in world history. Now he is neither the Head of State nor the […]

Every act of violence is a choice

“Sometimes we need to name the abnormal as abnormal, and take action to defend what is normal!” – Shereen Essof. Jessica Horn reports at the close of the Nobel Women’s Initiative conference, ‘Women Forging a New Security: ending sexual violence in conflict’In a caucus to gather input for the global campaign 16 Days of Activism […]

American hypocrisy

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s reported remark that Pakistan was not aware of Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden’s presence in the country before he was gunned down by American SEALs is a shocking clean chit to a terror-sponsoring state which is also the crucible of jihad. Just what prompted Ms Clinton to […]

For drafting an ideal Lokpal Bill

The drafting of the Lokpal bill is back in the news after the round of Assembly elections. The co-chairperson of the high-power committee involved in the drafting has said that progress is slow and that the June 30 deadline is likely to be missed. Some civil society groups made suggestions on what the Bill should […]

Is Confrontation sometimes conducive to Solution?

No one needs to go about in search of confrontations on every problem. The search by peaceful solution is the best of all solutions, yet avoiding a confrontation does not automatically contribute to solutions. The South Korean President once said the fear of War does not contribute to Peace. How can one be fearless of […]

Innovation, growth and poverty

Double digit growth is not only a possibility but something that can be a reality if we know how to work for it. Innovation, like everywhere else, can provide the key to take the nation forwardThe concept of non-performing assets is a nightmare to any head of an institution. Unfortunately, the focus of non-performing assets […]

Silver lining for Naga women’s football

It’s being called a historical moment for Team Nagaland, in the recently conducted Football Exhibition match for Women (under 16) held on the 27th – 28th May 2011 and organized by the Department of Youth Resources & Sports under the aegis of the IGS Sports Academy.  This event has fused our state’s women into something […]

Privilege, opportunities & ‘merit'

The spate of recent suicides by Dalit students studying at leading educational institutions calls for introspection. Affirmative action to promote education and employment for historically non-dominant groups is practised in many parts of the world and achieved through targeted recruitment, preferential selection policies and quotas. Special treatment for women and people of African origin in […]