Where’s the British monarchy headed?

It is often said that the Americans and the French “love” the British royal family because they don’t have to “suffer” it or pay for its extravagant lifestyle. “Ask us we have to bear it and grin,” one British commentator told an American journalist who had come all the way from Chicago to cover the […]

Big Brother rules

Whatever the intention behind them, the new rules framed last month under the Information Technology Act, 2000 are likely to have a chilling effect on the development of the Internet as a medium of communication and information in India. Apart from the unreasonable restrictions on free speech they envisage, the rules raise serious concerns about […]

Rethink growth with forest capital

Can you love tigers but hate forests? This is the question that troubled me as I visited the middle of India last fortnight. I was in Nagpur, where local politicians, conservationists and officials were discussing what needed to be done in this chronically poor and backward region endowed with forests and tiger habitats.The discussion began […]

Indo-Naga political solution by 2011

The Government of India has hinted that a solution acceptable to both sides maybe round the corner by the end of 2011. An honourable solution is expected according to NSCN (IM). The problem and the irony I see here is that the G.O.I.  has time and again declared that any solution outside the Indian Union […]

Bribes: A small but radical idea

To ask a people burdened with systemic bribery to accept bribe-giving as legal is to demand they accept corruption and the existing structures of power and inequity it flows from. Let’s get this right. The Chief Economic Adviser to the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, wants a certain class of bribes legalised? And says […]

Soon: India’s first REDD project

INDIA’S first pilot project to be recognised under the UN’s mechanism for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD) could be in the East Khasi Hills in Meghalaya.A watershed project, started jointly by a California-based non-profit and a tribal community in 2005 in the northeastern state aims at checking deforestation and has shown potential as […]

Bengal politics: Mamata Banerjee juggernaut sinks Marxist Armada

The west Bengal assembly elections results went on expected line. The impregnable Marxist fortress for decades, at long last, crumbled after 34 years. A single woman behind the downfall of the Marxist in Bengal is Mamata. Leapt from a humble origin, lost her father when she need him the most, a victim of Marxist bashing […]

Repeal AFSPA, Free Sharmila

A Call for Nationwide Protest Dear friends,Perhaps you are aware that the hunger fast of Irom Sharmila Chanu has crossed 10 years, with a demand for repeal of AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958. She has been force fed through her nose by the Government, arrested with charges for attempt to commit suicide, criminalised […]

More damning evidence

Pakistani state actors were behind 26/11 First there was David Headley, the Pakistani-American terrorist who turned into an FBI witness and promised to spill the beans on the Pakistani military-ISI-jihad nexus that made possible the 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Then the Obama Administration stated that, despite a billion-dollar aid package, certain elements in the Pakistani establishment […]

Deadly Silence On Fukushima

I received the following email a few days ago from a Russian nuclear physicist friend who is an expert on the kinds of gases being released at Fukushima. Here is what he wrote: About Japan: the problem is that the reactor uses “dirty” fuel. It is a combination of plutonium and uranium (MOX). I suspect […]

The Other Role

The role of the politician and the role of the people have important functions during an election. The question is who follows who? Whether the mass follow the politicians or is it the other way round. Election in Nagaland is critical and it is the People’s Role I am talking about. Though people give importance […]

Elections don’t always mean democracy

Election as a tool for the democratisation of the world has become a trap that often allows ambiguous figures to rule indefinitely says, Svetlana Babaeva Elections have become a crucial tool in attempts to achieve broader democratisation of the world. The fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the Soviet Union stirred up drastic […]