Telangana echo in Darjeeling hills

It is well understood that the Telangana agitation is an inspiration for similar movements in other parts of India. The 26-day bandh called by the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) in the Darjeeling district is an ongoing case in point. The announced aim is to force the central government to ‘clarify’ its position on the demand […]

Tunisia: the first Arab revolution

Every July 23 for the past 58 years Egypt, my country of birth, has celebrated its “July revolution” that overthrew King Farouk and ended the monarchy and British occupation once and for all. It was no revolution: it was a coup staged by young Army officers.And so it has been with a series of “revolutions” […]

The losing battle against corruption

There are very few people in India who believe that New Delhi, as it is presently organised, is either capable or willing to go the whole distance to bring to book those who are suspected of having committed irregularities in handling state funds. This has particular reference to the scams related to the 2G spectrum […]

‘For unified lim and glory of Nagas’

Ever since its inception, the Naga Students` Federation, keeping in mind its core objective i.e. ‘For unified lim and glory of Nagas’, have been struggling hard to bring the Naga family together. Towards this end, the federation has been venturing out to every nook and corner of the Naga areas and reaching out to every […]

The message should be the meeting

There is much anticipation in Beijing and Washington DC about this week’s summit between Chinese President Hu Jintao and United States President Barack Obama, with US ambassador to China Jon Huntsman characterizing Hu’s state visit as “exciting and historic”. Some see it as a chance to address bilateral geopolitical, economic, or human rights frictions. Others […]

Protecting us from our protectors

“To serve and to protect”. This is the motto of the Philippine National Police, a pledge proudly emblazoned on its vehicles and usually displayed in its offices. Unfortunately, the spate of recent allegations pointing to the involvement of policemen in various crimes raises the relevant question as to who will protect us from our supposed […]

Rabindranath Tagore’s vision of India & China

There is a heightened focus on Rabindranath Tagore today, as we engage in preparations to celebrate the 150th anniversary of his birth. This year it will also be 87 years since Tagore made his memorable visit to China. He went to China with a message of love and brotherhood that he felt symbolised the essence […]

To mine or not to mine

The Group of Ministers constituted to tackle the controversy arising out of the Environment and Forests Ministry’s policy to prevent coal mining in forested areas will need to do a delicate balancing act between environmental protection and extraction of the fossil fuel that is crucial to meet the rising demand for electricity. The desire to […]

Dr Binayak Sen: Gandhian with a stethoscope

No sophistry, no jugglery in figures can explain away the evidence that the skeletons in many villages present to the naked eye. I have no doubt whatsoever that both England and the town dwellers of India will have to answer, if there is a God above, for this crime against humanity, which is perhaps unequaled […]

The Great Food Crisis Of 2011

As the new year begins, the price of wheat is setting an all-time high in the United Kingdom. Food riots are spreading across Algeria. Russia is importing grain to sustain its cattle herds until spring grazing begins. India is wrestling with an 18-percent annual food inflation rate, sparking protests. China is looking abroad for potentially […]

Climate change could happen much faster than previously thought

Humans are in danger of making large parts of the Earth uninhabitable for thousands of years because of man made climate change, according to new evidence based on geological records. The US study predicted that if society continues burning fossil fuels at the current rate, atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide could rise from the current […]