ENPO demand is no trust vote against DAN

The demand for separate statehood by ENPO which has come into the open is heartbreaking news. The news has stabbed the hearts of the founding Fathers and Mothers of Nagaland. Hundreds of thousands of lives that were sacrificed for Nagaland could become meaningless. The news is the saddest news of the century for people who […]

Green new year? Whats that?

Many sincere developmental journalists are frustrated with eating ‘green’ ideas fed by pot-bellied editors. It is insulting to ask these reporter to dig out green stories, says DEBBY AAt a time when climate change and environment issues have taken more news space over sex and nudity, it is an obvious conclusion that some editors will […]

A Dog’s New Year Resolutions

My fur is thick and glistening for now it is the cold season in this land. We have only two seasons, the rainy and the cold although it sometimes rains during the latter also. This means that another cycle of 365 days has already begun. Around this time, canines like other animals also resolve to […]

Fulfilling the Purpose of Christmas

Nagaland celebrated Christmas with more maturity and decency in 2010. Our river sides are quieter and less noisy, roadsides and streets were peaceful, our roads safer, and far less accident with exception of few happenings. Of course, the writer of this article does not know the inside story of each home. The way we behave […]

Digital divide to blur

Mobile technology will change lives forever A connectivity revolution is set to blur India’s digital divide in the coming decade, according to a study conducted by global consultancy firm KPMG. The spread of 3G mobile telephony, says the report, will herald the change as the value added services market will witness tremendous growth and lead […]

One people, many aspirations

The Telangana region has had a chequered history of popular movements. The Justice B.N. Srikrishna Committee report submitted to the Central government on December 30 marks a milestone in the history of Andhra Pradesh, which has had a turbulent existence. The Committee’s recommendations will assist the Central government in determining whether the Telugu-speaking people will […]

Gauging the impact of the Bill Gates grants

Five years ago, Bill Gates made an extraordinary offer: he invited the world’s scientists to submit ideas for tackling the biggest problems in global health, including the lack of vaccines for AIDS and malaria, the fact that most vaccines must be kept refrigerated and be delivered by needles, the fact that many tropical crops like […]

Clarification on the founder of Kewhira (Kohima) village

This article is given to clarify who is the real founder of Kewhira Village. As per traditional history the founder of Kewhira Village was late Mr. Tsiera (Stone defender- as he was the youngest son who defended the famous magical stone at Mekhrora also called as Makhel). Before coming to the present Kewhira Village he […]

Sedition Decision ‘Misuse’ Of Laws

I am very upset about the court decision in Chhattisgarh about Binayak Sen. It is a huge perversion of our system of justice, and particularly of the laws concerning sedition. It’s not at all clear, to start with, that the thing he has been exactly accused of — of passing letters — has been really […]

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