Infrastructure, accommodation, main challenges at Hornbill

Kohima, December 10 (MExN): The Government of Nagaland has initiated the celebration of annual Hornbill festival in the year 2000 from December 1 to 10 at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama.


The main objective of this festival is to revive and promote Naga ethnicity in the form of showcasing our vibrant culture and tradition to the outside world where every tribe can take part in the celebration at a common platform. This festival also aims at promoting tourism industry in our state by way of exhibiting our culture and tradition besides engaging local artists to showcase their talents and abilities in different fields.


At present, there are 16 recognized tribes in Nagaland in addition to few unrecognized tribes.


Each tribe is distinct from one another and no two tribes are alike in their culture or way of celebrating festivals. Festivals are celebrated as pre harvest or post harvest festivals and most of the festivals in Nagaland revolve agricultural cycle. Interestingly, not even a month goes by in a year without festivals which means people’s affinity to its festivals is highly respected and regarded. Festivals are mostly celebrated by the Nagas to seek the blessings of deity for bountiful harvest on their crops or to thank the deity for giving bountiful crops after harvest.


Tourism department is the nodal department for the Hornbill festival though it involves the participation and contributions of all other organizing departments. Therefore, the success of Hornbill festival owes the participation of all organizing departments and the people who took part in the celebration.


Speaking to media personnel at Kisama, Secretary for Tourism, T Mhabemo Yanthan said that the main challenges faced by the government while organizing such a big event is the lack of proper infrastructure and accommodation. In order to increase the inflow of tourist throughout the year, the calendar of events is required for which the Department of Tourism has started working on it, he said. He said events should not be held only during Hornbill festival but it should be held round the year from January to December in order to promote tourism industry in the state, a DIPR report stated.


Deputy Director, Tourism, Veyielo Doulo while interacting with media stated that there is room for improvement in the area of basic amenities like water supply, toilets, ramp facility for people with disability as far as Hornbill festival is concerned. He strongly emphasized on the importance and necessity of homestays during the Hornbill festival in order to cater to guests and tourists coming to see the vibrant Naga culture and tradition saying that the present capacity is very limited.


He also mentioned that last moment VIPs visit is a problem for the organizing departments.


“Organizing such a mega event will always have criticism but we accept criticism as an advantage and a strength for us to improve in the coming years”, he remarked.


He appealed to all the guests and tourists to come again along with their friends and see the vibrant Naga culture and tradition in the coming years.