The Morung Express

Intellectuals need to expose the lies

By Witoubou Newmai

We are left convinced that the prevailing situation in Naga society is attributed to the leadership vacuum. This trend has not only brought about a great deal of anxiety among the people but also caused disorientation and confusion.  Consequently, the Naga people don’t seem to realize the importance of the need to subdue such danger in this implicit disparagement of intellectual and leadership value.


Lack of a culture of retrospection, investigation and debate is further aggravating the situation. Our society is struggling to inculcate these habits since there is a growing lack of common concern for truth, which again, sprouts from the lack of genuineness.


Again, this is fueled by the fact that our society is simply driven by vested interest based approach, which becomes a source of mobilisation. This trend will continue as long as we are unable to garner enough courage and willingness to venture out to ask, why? In other words, we are allowing our sorry state of affairs to be controlled by endlessly indulging in a blame-game among us, thereby, creating a ‘scene of crisis.’


However troubling the reality of our situation is, it is the responsibility of the leaders and intellectuals not to deviate from their primary responsibility, which is to speak out the truth. But, intellectuals and leaders who do not value certain universal ideals cannot see a clear notion about what the society needs.


The credibility of the leaders and intellectuals lies in facing the reality and acting responsibly in the face of the problems with the truth as the basis. The principal objective of the intellectuals is to “expose lies” of our authorities, according to Noam Chomsky. He further points out that the duty of the intellectuals is to “analyse actions according to their causes and motives and often hidden intentions.”


Commenting on the sorry situation in our society, Isak Chishi Swu opined that, “The psychology of the Nagas needs to be rebuilt.” “Most of the people today are totally disoriented or not oriented at all,” he argued adding that it is “meaningless” to accumulate wealth and learning knowledge without correct orientation. We should be future-oriented or else we will perish, Swu further stressed.


Today, we are going through the changing socio-political contours of our Naga society and our perception on our very struggle for dignity is also gradually being altered. Our nuanced understanding of the intricacies of today’s Naga situation is also creating hiccups to our movement amid an otherwise progressive narrative.


The Naga case, haunted and hobbled by our own creations, has given room for growing antagonism. It is high time we check the balkanization of our society.


We need to realise why all those tags—simplicity, honesty, unity, uniqueness— attached with our society have become a big joke today. In a trying time, such as this, when vested interests are making things very difficult for all of us, our adversaries and their affiliates are feasting on the development.