Iron deficiency in piglets an dits preventive measures

Veterinary Hospital Kohima

A piglet is usually born with limited supplies of iron which can sustain them for about 3-4 days only. Further, inadequate supply of iron from sow milk as well as rapid growth of piglet in comparison to other animals leads to iron deficiency in piglets. Therefore for their survival it is essential iron supplement is provided either orally,through injection, in the diet of the sow or by external swabbing on sow udder. Iron deficiency in piglet is also termed as Piglet Anemia.


Some Common Symptoms:

1. Roughness of body hair coat

2. Pale colour of mucous membranes due to anaemia

3. Skin becomes wrinkled

4. Drooping of head and ears

5. Loss of appetite and reduce body weight

6. Labored breathing

7. Subcutaneous edema in the neck, shoulder and limb

8. Diarrhoea


Steps for Prevention and Control:

1. Provide the sow with well balance nutritious diet and Iron supplement specially during late stage of pregnancy and during lactation period

2. Iron supplement to be injected to the piglet shortly after birth

3. Provide clean dry soil to the piglet frequently

4. Swabbing iron solution to the sow udder daily during lactation period

5. Deworming of the sow and the piglet at regular intervals


But if the piglet becomes very weak, off-feed and emaciated then the owner should immediately consult a Veterinarian or visit the nearest Veterinary Health Centre for further treatment.