Is it possible for the corrupt to re-invent themselves as agents of positive change and use their resources for Social Justice? How?

Is it possible for the corrupt to re-invent themselves as agents of positive change and use their resources for Social Justice? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. Even the most corrupt can mend their ways and become great agents of change. It needs the moral and political will to do so. Only the very strong can do that. Unfortunately, in Nagaland, we are in shortage of courageous people.

• Yes, If the corrupt individuals realise and change themselves.

• Yes, it is possible if they could manage to open their eyes and see the reality. But blindness caused by fame and fortune needs special treatment which comes only from above.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. Very difficult, “Habit is the second nature”.”Old wine in the new bottle, the bottle burst”, as the sayings goes. The same applies in this matter. We have to look for new wine to keep in new bottle. It will take a little time but these will happen in Nagaland.

• No. Corruption is about self-centered people, greed & graving for want of Power at the cost of others discomfort. Positive change will hardly come from a corrupt leader & the present state scenario depicts of it. Alas! Truth will strike the corrupt & realisation will come on their death bed. When it will be too late. Dear Fellow citizen of Nagaland, there is a narrow righteous path as well. Together let’s broaden its path.

• No way… Filthy bloods run their whole body and minds. It’s time public chose their leaders who are God fearing…

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• Others, it depends on the person itself to bring about a positive change, however if the corrupts does not re-invent themselves and stay as a negative impact on the people the society will never change and remain corrupted as it is now. It depends on individual to change and use their resources for social justice, since it is the need of hour for our people at present.

• Other. This is a kind of useless validation for the corrupt to turn their black money to white money. Aren’t a lot of the corrupt politicians, government servants, unscrupulous businessmen and contractors doing the same in Nagaland – steal from the resources set for the public development, then donate a part of it to the churches, their tribal organisations etc to promote social development, social justice and surreptitiously trying to clear their conscience? So, is this fair? Is this right? Stealing from one end to meet the means of another end doesn’t make sense. If we promote and start to validate this thinking and reasoning all the morally and ethically confused corrupted lot will find another excuse to keep up with their ways without seeking for repentance. Bottom line, the corrupt should be caught, all their resources seized by the state and then the state could maybe make plans on how best to put these resources to proper use again. The corrupt cannot be trusted to become positive change agents, if they could be trusted, they wouldn’t be corrupt in the first place.

• I am reminded of the tax collector Zacheaus who returned his corrupt money when he believed in Jesus (Luke19). Whereas Naga Christians are stealing money to fund churches. Something is very wrong here or am I reading a different Bible? No it’s the same Bible, and as written a true believer will return the stolen money. I conclude with one scripture, in Jesus’ own words “what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world but forfeit his soul” (Mark8:36) God bless.

• People here in Nagaland are accustomed to corruption. They don’t have guilty conscience anymore. They just steal thinking it is not a sin. For instance, some government employees who never/seldom attend office and get monthly salary because they feel there is no work in their office. These people think it’s alright but it’s never alright. Some people only go to office to draw their salaries while on other working days, they are nowhere to be seen yet these people will never have that guilty conscience because they think it’s alright.

• Let’s talk about possibilities.