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Is money power the most decisive factor in Nagaland elections?

Some of those who voted  YES had this to say:
•    80% of Nagas live for today not for tomorrow/future.
•    Yes, more and more it seems like money power is the most decisive factor in Nagaland. It is clear that what we have in Nagaland is not democratic expressions but money power. The immediate consequence of this is corruption. Because candidates spent so much money in elections, it becomes their priority to recover their expenses and the only way they can do this is through corrupt means. So all the development money that comes from the centre goes into the pockets of politicians and all this is because we the citizens have allowed the politicians to buy our votes for a few thousand rupees and in return they have robbed the public money in the crores. If we the citizens dont allow our votes to be bought off, than money will not be the most decisive factor in elections. This means politicians will spend less, and which means they have no reason or excuse to rob the public money which is meant for development of society.
•    Not only money, but gun-power as well.
•    Yes, because money is the root of all evil
•    Money is the main food 4 the Nagas. Where has it has become the soul in the elections. God Save Nagaland....
•    Cause we are trying to fulfill our wants. Pride and Greed.
•    Yes! Definitely money is the most decisive factor. Almost all the runs fos money. Most people think that money is the only thing that he needed in life. If a man gets Rs. 10,000 during an election, he thinks that he can use it for 5 years term. So men always run for money.
•    Laymen.. hand to mouth people are bribe by some hundred the politician.
•    Yes as it buys the underground outfit. The parties which pay more, they become their part and actively participating, and that helps party to come to power
•    Without money not power and election.
•    1. This is an extreme view and also the election commission will not permit, otherwise the majority of naga voters are ready to even vote for a dead candidate provided that they are paid money for their vote. 2. The voters always look forward to election not because they want to elect a good candidate or party but because they get opportunity to sell their vote. In nagaland election scene, honesty means they will only sell their vote once and they feel proud that they don't cheat by selling their votes to all candidate. 3. The proud honest and innocent naga is dead. Long live the modern naga; the opportunist, favor seeker, backdoor seekers.
•    No money=losing election...With money comes the muscle power..Bottom line!
•    Yes money money and money. What to do, 'money is the root of all evil'. May god show mercy to the nagas.
•    If You have money people worship you and in the present situation no matter how qualified/honest or do your service to your community the end result is pathetic. The money decides and rule the world.
•    Money Is God In Nagaland. play it Get money. tas what is All About!!!!!!!
•    All our thoughts are on easy money making which is running in our blood now.
•    Money 4 life . Money 4 everything....      

Some of those who voted NO  had this to say:
•    Good question! But if you look at every angle you have to blame yourself. One thing is for sure that a candidate will always try to buy our vote through money, gifts, etc. But in the end who is the real culprit? Yourself, cos we re the one who took it when in the first place we should not have and that also even without thinking for a second that we are selling our future and our children’s future just for the sake of ‘1 time comfort.’ So I will have to go for a “NO.”
•    No. Visible developments are the decisive factor in winning elections in Nagaland. Only fools and shameless people can be bought with money. The decent crowd needs to overwhelm the cheap money-for-vote group. Christians arise!
•    No, many politicians must have realized now that they should place their faith in God Almighty and the common voter and not on the power of their ill-gotten wealth.
•    No, the just concluded by-election is a very good example that experience, money and muscle power alone cannot guarantee success for any candidate. Give a little respect to the voters!
•    No, most of the voters, maybe just poor ordinary people, but they are not fools! They take the money of the corrupt candidate and vote for the right person to represent them.
•    There is no money power in elections. It’s the cheating power to play jokes with the candidate. Why? He is the foolish creature ever to be laughed at for fun.
•    No. Its muscle power and guns. With this u can capture booth. And everybody will be too scared to say or do anything.
Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:
•    Money is more or less the most decisive factor for any election in Nagaland. But, it can be added that well planned and executed political campaigns be it open or covert, schematic manipulation (even intimidation), leadership ability vis-à-vis acceptance of public, promise deliverance…without questions?, usage of media tool, material propaganda, etc. all play vital roles during elections in our part of the globe. Sad to say, the worst are us electors every time because of our physically egoistical nature.  
•    It is not money alone, there is a mix of both, certain sections of the society do not vote for money, where as the others sell their vote to make a quick buck thereby making a mockery of the real purpose of election!
•    Naga issue
•    An elected leader is watched by the electorate in the first term. If he/she worked for the upliftment of the society, he/she can easily win next time, if not their power goes kaput!
•    Money + NSCN involvement are the two decisive factor till date and will be in the near future
•    Yes it was, but not during the recent bye-election in the state
•    Money power should not be the most decisive factor, it is honesty, moral integrity and commitment which must be the real decisive faction in Nagaland elections
•    To fight an election nowadays, both money in terms of Crores and muscle power (AK-47 is a must have) are important factors. But the recently concluded election has seen a new trend emerging: the public are fed-up of the same old face. Instead of retiring gracefully from politics after reaching the highest possible position, one has been shamed and dusted to ground level by a greenhorn. Everyone has a limit and God has shown the door for being too greedy and power crazy. Now, peaceful sleep will elude and most important of all, the respect of the public. For that, I respect and greatly admire our late Chief Minister, Late J.B Jasoki, who gracefully retired from politics after reaching his time.
•    Even the soothsayer finds tough times looking into his crystal ball and foretell what kind of future is in store for the money oriented election in Nagaland. As for now, nothing works miracles like money does in reality in every practical aspect of Naga way of life. Anything that moves or set in motion can be possible only in dream without being motivated by money. Don’t get
me wrong for playing devil’s advocate in saying there is nothing wrong in love of money for anybody in order to maintain a decent and dignified life by yes wrong comes in only when greed of it begins to take hold of us that made us the be-all and end-all of our lives and so the evil of insatiable hunger for wealth has taken root in us. The freshly held elections in five states show good improvement under the strict model code of conduct with ECI kept a watchful eye on electioneering. Hope and pray this wave of change will continue to have a ripple effect in 2013 state election.