Is Nagaland equipped to handle a natural disaster? Please explain?

Is Nagaland equipped to handle a natural disaster? Please explain?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. Keeping in mind our pathetic infrastructural and our present state of affairs, I feel the Nagaland government has handled the current natural disaster quite well. There is some improvement from the past.


• Change will not come overnight. It will take time and some changes are visible.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No. First and foremost equipments are not available for quick response


• No. Looking at the present situation and the way government is responding proves that we are ill equipped.


• No… We lack machinery and trained man power to tackle natural disasters. The recent chains of calamities are minor compared to what other state faces yet our government lacks to act quickly and effectively.


• No, 100 years behind other developing states. And we are still very dependent. We have nothing to feel proud about and yet we are still weakened by our pride.


• It is not Nagaland, but the concerned authority in Nagaland. First, are they equipped to handle a natural disaster? They are not only equipped but experts in misusing funds for such natural disasters. Two years ago, my friends parked car-Swift Dzire was completely damaged by a landslide… The estimate cost of damage was around Rs. 1.6 lakh and the help he got was just Rs. 2000/- I want to point out two “truth” in relation to your question: 1. There is no natural disaster in Nagaland. It is all human/men made disasters… Second, government is happy and not worried when such disasters happen because they are always ready to take lion share.


• No. Nagaland is not equipped to handle natural disaster.
Lack of facilities: Nagaland does not have proper infrastructure/facilities to handle natural disaster. Eg. No shelter/Proper shelter constructed by the Govt for the victims. No proper hospitals for the victims.


Pathetic Road Conditions: For the Quick Response Team (QRT) to make their way to the affected area is one of the major challenges due to the road conditions. Or is it that bad road conditions a natural disaster in Nagaland.


Proper Guidance and Awareness Programme: We the people and the Government must equip ourselves in advance to tackle those and not only when the situation arises. Like creating awareness every month in public places, through mass media once or twice a month, in schools and churches, etc.


Lastly Nagaland should have it own well trained paramilitary force to deal only with the situations instead of seeking help from other states. Because by the time they reach Nagaland, it might be late.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• It may appear so but in Nagaland there is no so called Natural Disaster. All the unfortunate happenings are manmade disasters. Nagas will blame Jesus if we go to hell.