Is Nagaland well-prepared to face any emergencies during the upcoming monsoon season?

Is Nagaland well-prepared to face any emergencies during the upcoming monsoon season?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:
• No. The word prepared is not to be found in the dictionary so why “well” prepared

• No, not in any season! The monsoon thankfully doesn’t create much havoc except for landslides and flooding. God forbid if any major calamity were to strike our land, we would all be left begging… yes, all of us

• Ignorance of people and lack of fund at government level.

• No. Personnel are not well trained moreover we do not have the required machineries.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• As far as support systems including infrastructure, rehabilitation, technical and non-technical facilities, etc are concerned, Nagaland is yet to be adequately prepared for any calamity. Most of us are notorious for paying no heed to warnings of experts. Also, the usual Article 371A, traditional practices, village sovereignty or customs, etc are inappropriately enforced rendering inefficient implementation of such standards and mitigating measures. And of course, the lack of awareness continues to hamper preparedness. Although we are also known for our readiness to help and offer voluntary service in times of calamity yet prevention is still the best solution.

• Can’t say yes or no in such natural calamities. However, everyone must be prepared to help each other at such disasters and not wait for government alone. And editor sir, what help did the government give for the damages caused to property and infrastructure during 2018 disaster which was unprecedented and central teams visited all affected districts. Did the central government provide any help? If yes details may be sought. From the paper reports, we seemed to be mostly preparing for an earthquake which is important. However, there are other disasters such as fire, vehicle accidents, electrocutions, gas cylinder explosions, clogged drains, floods and landslides etc. Nagas God given habit of helping our neighbors in distress can be encouraged or else it may be lost to mobile videographers instead of good Samaritans in future.