Is the ban on Plastics effective in Nagaland?

Is the ban on Plastics effective in Nagaland?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes, ban on plastics is being effective, comparing to the past years use of plastic has become comparatively low in Nagaland but it doesn’t mean that we are done, there is still need for progression in order for a state free of plastic; also the government should be more strict or careful to the people using plastic. It depends not only on the government but mostly on the majority people which is the public, to take major steps in such activity.

• Yes the policy has been passed. In just a short while, we see some positive steps being taken.

• Yes, when the masses are given the right education at the right time it will be effective.

• Yes. In smaller towns and villages it is easier to implement because the community gets involved. It is in commercial centers like Dimapur and Kohima where it is far more difficult to implement these policies.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No, one has to have an alternative in place before any pre-existing resource is taken out. In Nagaland all declaration of ban are so sudden that one is not given an option, any kind of ban should be analysed and though before it is called for implementation. Be it Banning wildlife hunting, banning food products, Alcohol or any product already in place.

• No. Because the municipal committees cannot stop the single use plastic wholesalers from selling their goods.

• No. In Nagaland it may not be applicable as every leader or people in power are engaged in accumulating wealth and riches for themselves, so any services to benefit others or work for others as stated is seriously questionable!

• No. Municipal committees cannot strictly implement the ban, shopkeepers continue to sell and use plastic bags openly.

• No. Plastic filth is destroying the beauty of Nature & knowing that fact people still use & dispose at any place as desired. Plastic ban enforcing agency must first planned out with an alternative use to plastic & also to spread awareness on the hazards of plastic use among masses. Colony/ward based plastic free zone initiative will be good.

• No. What is the use of banning plastic when all the goods and packaging are plastic which comes to Nagaland by tons, second we need recycling industry in Nagaland itself so that the used plastic or wrappers can be recycled to be used again.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• We must educate people more… Look at our river and streams. . All filled with plastic bags…

• Just like NTLP… still available…