Is the existing Felicitation Culture in Nagaland a reflection of our vanity? How?

Is the existing Felicitation Culture in Nagaland a reflection of our vanity? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

  • Yes… For toppers and outstanding performances, please go ahead. They need to be appreciated and encouraged. But on the other hand, I’ve come across not just some but many felicitations which looked and sounded so awkward and so unnecessary. Both people and media should know who and what needs to be published in the daily newspaper!
  • Yes, when excessively done.
  • Yes, but why is the Media publishing them simply for want of more money? Media is equally at fault.
  • Yes, of course. The name of the village and the clan is written in gigantic fonts! And I would like to request the local dailies to come up with a supplementary page just for the various acknowledgements.
  • Yes. We appreciate the initiative yet it can done in person without much hype. Felicitation has become a publicity act of one’s group, clan, society etc.
  • Yes, there’s no necessity that we should splash such felicitations, wishes, etc. In line with this mania, a suggestion was also shared with some local dailies long ago but change is yet to be seen… Newspapers can compulsorily compress and minimise the space of all such felicitations, obituaries & wishes to the smallest area possible in a specified page of the local papers. That should be the only option available if people still wish to advertise one another which eventually, deny subscribers with lesser readable articles.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

  • No. I don’t think encouraging successful students is a bad thing. Celebrating success is always good, it’s essential.
  • No. Not when it is in the right spirit of acknowledging and recognizing the achievement of a person.
  • No. The achievement of one fellow villager is the joy of the entire village. This has been the value of the Naga village.
  • Nagas are community people. So my response is No. We celebrate the success, achievement and laurel of our fellow kin. When it is done in good taste and for the right reasons there is nothing wrong in encouraging and felicitating deserving people.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

  • High time this issue is addressed. We are at the point of celebrating mediocrity by felicitating even those achievements that are a part and parcel of work and life like getting a degree or a promotion at work.
  • Tired of seeing felicitations in the news papers. It’s not a true appreciation rather it’s more of a showoff and publicity stunt.