Is there a need to revive and renew the Naga Hoho? Why?

Is there a need to revive and renew the Naga Hoho? Why?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

• Yes. Nagas must go beyond their tribes. We now need to think and act together like a nation of peoples. Naga Hoho must be revived taking into account all Nagas from East, West, North, South and Center. This is the way forward.


• Yes, particularly in gender composition. Else, it’s only a duplication of tribe Hohos and they seem to be doing just fine without NH. So the question is what’s the uniqueness of NH apart from claiming to be an umbrella organization of the Nagas? I must emphasize that all the Hohos of the Nagas cannot uplift Naga society without including women in them.


• Yes at all costs. The divisions among Nagas are increasing by the day and so many new organizations are coming up and this is obviously creating new tensions and new disagreements. While the world is advancing forward, we the Nagas are becoming narrower and narrower in our outlook.


• It has become more like a Political Party.


• Our focal point should not be NTC, TPO, UNC, CNTC, ENPO or other Naga organisations in Naga inhabited areas. Political interests of these groups need to be kept aside for larger good. At best they can facilitate cultural unity but not political. We need to be under one umbrella for all political, social, economical progression not only at this crucial point but for all times to come. This split up groups can be federating units if at all their dissolution is not possible but best we have none. It is necessary that every Naga should fight within the system and its framework that constitutes us all as Nagas. Reviving Naga Hoho is imperative and can only assure us an identity and seek us justice. One for all, all for one. If not now, when?


• Yes, our difference should never be the issue. Unity in diversity is our strength. Lower individual ego. Naga means everyone not selected. A certain group cannot be all in all. Coordination is a must. Major tribes fragments can never be termed as a Naga Hoho. Come together, sort out the differences, compromise and don’t be autocratic. Pride goes before a fall. Be fair, considerate, regard and respect each other’s sentiments. NH should be a strong umbrella to protect from rain and sun.


• Yes. NH is the only common unifying institution we have today at the national level amidst all the divisions and divisive elements around us. it would be a herculean task to create a new institution which can bring us all together given that the forces of disunity, insecurity and suspicions is at its peak in this present time. The relevance or purpose of NH is upon us.


• Yes. With so many new organizations being mobilized along regional lines the need for a wider forum that can represent the Nagas is required. I do not know whether it should be Naga Hoho but I know that it should be a body that represents all Nagas irrespective of artificial boundaries.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say:

• No, Naga Hoho should not be renewed or revived. It should be dismantled and a new Pan Naga organization covering all Naga areas should be formed with a new mandate.


• No. Neither revived nor renewed. It should be restructured completely in a fair manner so that all Nagas irrespective of artificial boundaries are represented.


• No… It’ll be more sound to start from Naga Club or NNC. The idea of reviving the incapacitated NH will only contribute to further disintegration. All nonsense and non formidable organisations should be systematically removed. Fed up of unethical Naga lifestyles.


• Naga Hoho is just a body with an aim to bring different Naga tribes into one umbrella. This body is just a body for fellowship. And going beyond that is against Naga Customary laws and tradition and Indian law. Naga Hoho is just an NGO. During the last one decade or so, the government of Nagaland for their conveniences and selfish designs made NGOs like Naga Hoho unnecessarily powerful and appointed their own men to govern the body. We have only two law implementation authorities…one is Government and the other is village council. Now if Naga Hoho goes back to their original purpose then renew and revive is important but if Naga Hoho is understood as per these evil designs, then not to talk about revive and renew but we don’t need such Hoho. As somebody has rightly said, it has become just a ‘haha.’


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say:

• ‘Revive and Renew’ will not bring any better name to Naga Hoho. Naga Hoho needs to be restructured as per the main objective of the Naga Hoho genesis. So far, Naga Hoho has played with the emotion of the Nagas for the sake of few tribes and group. As long as we are under Indian Union, it is rather very stupid and illogical to form an organization like Naga Hoho that looks after Nagas beyond borders. Because of such wrong notion, Nagas of Nagaland are so far victims of this ‘beyond border’ initiative. The fact is, the food that is prepared for Nagaland is shared with the others using emotional Naga brotherhood agenda. During the last 15 years, the Government of Nagaland has given the prime space to outsiders. And these outsiders have blackmailed our innocent worldview and aspiration. Naga Hoho during these years have acted as proxy spokesperson for this outsiders. Together they have manufactured idea of pan-Naga which is nothing but to devalue our Naga rights. As long as we struggle for sovereignty we need to address, fight and argue with Indian government and for that this idea of PAN-NAGA certainly will destroy our stand, our history, our land and our country. We have so many sound Naga intellectuals who are capable of comprehending what Naga Hoho is doing, why and how they are dancing to the tune of outsiders, how and who and for what agenda this Pan-Naga is being borrowed, popularized. Therefore, revival or renewal will not help, rather restructuring need to take place. Otherwise, very few tribes belonging to outside of state of Nagaland will continue to decide what people of Nagaland should eat, think, drink and shout. Better late than never.