Issues of Urban Growth in Nagaland

Haidobabe Hingleu

Student, Mass Communication, Patkai Christian College (Autonomous)

Unplanned town planning is not just a state issue but regional. North east region is adversely affected by poor town planning and with rapid urbanisation, the geography of the region is also being affected. Taking the case of urban dwellers in two urbanised town viz. Kohima and Dimapur, there are series of issues. To name a few, inadequate basic urban amenities like housing , water supply, public transport system and the major prevailing problems like clogging drainage, encroachment, air and water pollution and solid waste management have been detrimental for a healthy urban community life.

The poor drainage system and waste management system in the state is not only an eyesore but cause air, water and soil pollution which can lead to even death and outbreak of different diseases. However, it can be ascertained that the issues are due to lack of adequate capital resources to address and handle the problem on time and more on inefficient public service delivery system.

Taking a glimpse on the pathetic prevailing condition of the road in the state, it is another major issue both the urban and rural dwellers face alike. On the urban context, proper planning on the road should be carried out in order to avoid heavy traffic jam and wastage of time and resources.

Thus, the need of the hour is that municipalities and management agencies come with a comprehensive city plans and contain the burning issues before it becomes too late. It will be immensely beneficial for urban related studies in small town as well as for the urban planners in the state to make a proper study on it, as no individual or agency has carried out any inclusive and intensive research so far for the state of Nagaland in this area.