Jamming for all at The Yellow Jam Pad

Jamming for all at The Yellow Jam Pad
Wapang Walling, proprietor of jamming studio The Yellow Jam Pad.


Dimapur | February 7


Keen on revolutionizing the music scenario in Nagaland, Wapang Walling, the former drummer of Melodrama, band manager of Yellow Beacon, a music teacher at Mountain Music Academy and Musica has ventured into the scenes of retro jamming.


Citing his latest venture, Wapang stated that his jamming studio The Yellow Jam Pad started fully functioning since October 2017.


Located at Lengrijan, adjacent to the Tamarind Tree, The Yellow Jam Pad provides a jamming room for all musicians with minimal charges.


Talking to The Morung Express in the jamming room, Wapang reminisced his years of being in a metal band. He stated that metal genre was “quite new” back then in Nagaland. So the finances of the band were mostly covered by the gigs done outside of Nagaland.


Born into a family where law plays the key role, Wapang was asked by his sibling to join the law firm but he declined as his passion lies somewhere else. An enthusiastic musician and a dedicated teacher, he pondered upon the first time he met Lanu who was a certified music teacher at Furtados. His lack of a degree certificate and Lanu being a certified drummer motivated him to earn a degree in music.


Wapang also construed how he first started teaching. “I had to go to Delhi for my exams and on my return, Lanu had resigned from Furtados. He asked me to join the school and that’s how I started teaching.”


Wapang went into details of how he even home tutored teenagers and asserts that he has been teaching for almost six to seven years. The recent rise of talented youths has also made him retrospect his position as a teacher and says that even a teacher has to upgrade however as a result of his hectic schedules he hardly get time to practice.


Expounding on the challenges he had faced, Wapang quotes that “Challenges didn’t start far. It started from home.”


Not forgetting the facts that music is an expensive field and the instruments itself are not cheap, his family members were against the idea of him being a musician eluding its lack of scope in Nagaland. On the other hand, financial strains also proved to be one of the major challenges. Keeping all of that in mind, they also had to see to it that the studio was soundproofed so that the serenity of the neighbourhood wasn’t disturbed since most of the bands come for practicing only during their free hours which usually is after 6:00 pm.


As a musician, Wapang pitched Chris Adler and Joey Jordison as a source of his inspiration. He says that, “Mike Portnoy was also in the picture but back than I was into metal music so progressive drumming was way out of my league, a reason why I sticked to metal.”


Not only is he a musician, Wapang also customizes bikes and is a proud member of the Nagaland Motorcycle Club, of which he says, “I’m a biker without a Bike at the moment”. He credits his friends and brothers as the main support system.


The writer is an Intern in The Morung Express.