Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star held in Dimapur

Morung Express News


The Mami Festival was brought to students of Dimapur and the broadcast link was shared with students from Tetso College in Dimapur on Saturday afternoon. The students could see the whole discussion and post their queries in Jio chat.


A press release issued by the organisers stated that the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star is an inclusive movie feast. It showcases the latest cutting-edge, independent cinema – art house fare alongside genre movies from Bollywood and Hollywood and cult international movies. It offers the best of world cinema to the people of Mumbai and it offers the best of Indian cinema to the world.


The festival is run by the Mumbai Academy of Moving Image popularly known as MAMI. Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival With Star is a space where Aamir Khan, Quentin Tarantino, Zhang Yimou and Rajinikanth would all feel equally at home. This is a space where movie lovers revel in the sheer pleasure of cinema, the joy it gives us and how much it enhances our lives. The goal is to nurture and ignite a passion for movies.