Jobs for Rent: Nagaland Govt Teachers

Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: Congrats to all the shameless teachers keeping proxy for putting Nagaland again on the spotlight for all the wrong reasons!


Kaam nakuri kena poisa khai thakia tu paap pabo de!


Teaching especially in Rural areas is a Missionary work! Those are not ready to become missionaries to educate the rural youths should not step in to apply for teaching jobs.


Because if you are not willing to be posted in rural areas but enjoy in a city and getting free pay then be ready to face the wrath & curse instead of blessing upon your family for destroying an entire generation!


No amount of justification can ever justify this corrupted practise of proxy teachers. The lazy easy money mongers for their selfish corrupted greed by selling their votes to politicians are equally to be blamed and they will all face the wrath of curse for producing a generation of poorly educated young Nagas! It is utterly painful to see what we have become!


Here are we referring only to those teachers who keep ‘proxy’


It has become a virus destroying our rural children, their entire future & the future of our society!


David Sema: The solution to this problem of govt schools are as follows:


1) CLUBBING TOGETHER – I think the only solution to proxy teacher issue is clubbing together all the govt schools in one area. Say the nearest small town can have a big school with many teachers and students rather than opening numerous schools all over the villages.


2) HOSTEL FACILITY – If the schools are closed down in villages due to proxy teachers then many students from villages may find it difficult to ply everyday from village to school for attending class. Therefore the best way is to open hostels for those students who come from their villages to the nearest town where the school is located.


3) SSC – If staff selection commission is set up then there will be no political appointment of teachers. When teachers are not appointed politically then their transfers , postings and promotion can be streamlined accordingly. So professionalism can be developed among them. Thereby bringing in quality in education.

Akho Krome Naga: This is the story of proxy!


I have a friend in my locality who is a proxy (substitute) teacher. He is paid 9000/-


I also have a good friend who is a government employed teacher somewhere in remote Eastern Nagaland. He pays his proxy walla 6000/- which is fixed by the VEC of that particular community.


He was offered a transfer to his own place by his political bosses but he refused because he cannot enjoy proxy in his own village. Maybe his conscience doesn’t permit or his village has a strong education policy.


Indeed I have a RMSA teacher friend as well…she claims to be sincere. I hope so. But most of the time she is busy complaining and protesting for her salary.


School inspectors are there to be seen once in a year.


Students’ bodies exist without action.


And the department officials knows their own shortcomings.


What are we suppose to do then?


Realising our own flaws could be the best medicine at this juncture. Later on, we can expect the government to adopt progressive policy and implement corrective measures.


Oh Wait it’s tea time.


Communitization as per my little understanding is about governments passing responsibilities to the community to take care of certain basic things in our locality.


For example, Let’s say…


Safe drinking/cooking water and efficient and effective school system for the community, by the community.


Kevitho Kera: In the first place why did they apply if they are not going to perform their duties?


Like Yanpvuo said you are missionaries. Christianity is not restricted to Church activities.


Christianity touches every aspects of our lives. It is a misnomer that we restrict Christianity to only Church related activities. A christian businessman is a missionary in his own field or a Christian politician is representing Jesus. Are we representing Jesus truly?


Look if you are not willing to be posted in the rural areas, do not apply. Let a person with the burden to give quality education to rural kids apply please.


And some of these teachers keeping proxy are Sunday School teachers in their Churches! Heck! What kind of Jesus are you teaching the Sunday School kids?


If our family member or relatives are doing something wrong regarding govt jobs or related to the government, we ought to point it out.


The biasness shown to our kith and kin tantamount to the pot calling the kettle black.


Sangwa Lima: Dear Govt. Teachers if you don’t want to perform your duty please leave your job and let the trained teachers replace your vacant post…besides the teacher in charge, HoD’S of education department stop recommend proxy teachers.. you are not only cheating the students but killing the society in the long run…Lastly HoD’s please do visit the school which are under your jurisdiction


Chozhule Kikhi: What an image as a Christian state?


My field experienced also proved the same some years ago.In phek district in one village, there were 8 primary school teachers without a single student. In another instance in Kohima district, students were herded to a common class room ( up to class IV) and taught by 2 teachers only, where, each student’s need varies depend on class had been compromised due to shortage of teachers; again in Mon a middle school had only two teachers and the rest of the teachers were non- residents who never go to teach. Real stories had been documented for DHDR 2010 for affective policy intervention.


But who cares !God – save Nagaland from further deterioration. We need people-oriented leaders and not money-oriented leaders.


Worhonthung Ezung: While reading, few thoughts came up.


1. If some kind of incentives or allowances like in the All India Service they have Difficulty Allowance for posting at remote places and some kind of special allowance for getting posted in the North East, is introduced only for those who are posted in remote areas, it may motivate and encourage them.


2. Aadhaar based biometric attendance monitoring system be installed in every school.


3. Surprise visit by the department officials on regular basis.


4. Making DEOs and SDEOs etc. to inspect schools every month and let it be a part of their Work Norms and APAR.


5. Just like in the IAS, it is mandatory for any IAS officer to get posted in a remote district atleast once in service. Also in the NCS, to get inducted into IAS, it is mandatory to have served as DC in a district. Similarly, in this case also make it a criteria for promotion. No further promotion for those who have never served in any remote places.


6. Finally, the VECs also be sensitised that they too contribute to the poor result and made accountable. Proper supervision and monitoring will be required. No further financial assistance if nil result for consecutive 3 years say.


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