Just Noodles- The new food corner in the town

Just Noodles- The new food corner in the town

(Left) The view of the restaurant ‘Just Noodles’ located in Duncan, Dimapur. (Right) The area of self cooking option provided in ‘Just Noodles’. (Photo Courtesy/Instagram)

Limeka Achumi
Dimapur | January 17

Upon entering Duncan’s newly welcomed restaurant ‘Just Noodles’, one will be greeted by the aroma of a scrumptious delicacy, which will for time without end, remain as the start of a delicious memory. Followed by the restaurant’s comfy ambience whispering into the ears of the customers, to make themselves at home.

The idea of the restaurant was hatched way back in the mind of Wabang, who established it first in Shillong and now found it a second home in Dimapur. Just like its name denotes, the restaurant specialises only in noodles. However, the impression that it could be boring for focusing only on noodles will soon evaporate, once the menu is given a look.

Certain varieties, such as the Korean glass noodles famously used for making dishes like Japchae, fall under the imported category while, most of the fresh raw materials are purchased from our very own local markets. Wabang also asserted that the restaurant tries to keep the rates pocket friendly, which is a catch, since majority of the noodle lovers are the youth.

The interior design of the restaurant in its awe is one of the reasons why ‘Just Noodles’ is a must-visit. With the fine use of wood, the seating style has been inspired from Korean and Japanese traditional restaurants. “Since I live in the same locality, I often pass through the restaurant and its interior convinced me to visit it,” said Imnuk. The walls are also decorated with comical puns to keep the customers amused while they wait for their steaming dish to place foot on their table.

“Instagram introduced me to ‘Just Noodles’ and I knew then itself that I had to visit the restaurant,” said Rongsen as she slurped her noodles. With social media as an effective tool for advertising, it would be no wonder if there were several other Rongsens.

Well, naturally Wabang was asked what his take was on this style of advertising and his reply was, “I think it has made things much easier because I remember back in 2009, visiting Hornbill festival and using it as a platform for advertising my business in Delhi.” With the huge rise in the power of technology, advertising platforms have become next door venues. Wabang also added that ‘Just Noodles’ had accounts in both Facebook and Instagram.

One of the biggest challenges for starting the business had been finding a location, especially in the main market area, said Wabang. Unfortunately, he did not find any spot in the commercial areas; fortunately as it is quite evident the restaurant seems to attract quite a good number of customers, with credits to its interior design, menu, customer service, social media and its ambience. Best of all, even Wabang is in happy terms with the current location.

Although the location of a start up, notably restaurants is an important factor for sustainable profit, the case with ‘Just Noodles’ is slowly proving the opposite. It takes tremendous risk, but it is the first drop of water to becoming an ocean. No commercial hotspot can be built overnight; it begins with a single start up. The future holds the impossible and it is up to us, to reach it and make it possible.

Talking about further plans, Wabang confided that if the business met a good friend called success, then he plans on establishing small outlets in the main junction and also venture into other towns. A restaurant cannot function with just an owner; it needs cooks and waiters, similar to how we need our hands and feet.

‘Just Noodles’ like every other restaurants has its hands and feet functioning, however they work like a family cooking meals for their guests, which has developed their coordination and the good result of it is found in their dishes. Wabang also said that all the staffs, from small to big have an affinity for cooking and dish presentation. The restaurant also has an option, where the customers can self cook.

Along the Duncan road, one can always find the restaurant open, even till 9:00 PM, with a painting of the Kung Fu Panda beside it.

The writer is currently an intern in The Morung Express