Keeping indigenous art alive

Keeping indigenous art alive
Weavers at the weaving competition on the final day of the International Loinloom Festival, Diezephe on December 7. (Morung Photo)


5th International Loinloom Festival concludes


Morung Express News
Dimapur | December 7


“Such art of indigenous weaving should be kept alive,” remarked Anna, who was here with her seven month old baby and a group of friends at the fifth International Loinloom Festival, Diezephe on December 7.


“I love unique, natural raw fiber, and that’s what Nagaland provides,” Anna Louise, a designer and a regular customer of the Exotic Echo Society said and shared her long term goal of setting up a Museum with diverse traditional textiles in Kaziranga.


Despite a low turn-out on the second day, it did not dampen the spirits of weavers and the visitors present. Nina and Martin Weatherhead came all the way from Wales to witness the rich culture, indigenous textiles and handicrafts.


A handweaver himself under Snail Trail Handweavers based in the beautiful, rural countryside of Pembrokeshire, West Wales, Martin wished there had been more demonstration of weaving instead of a short competition.


“We help our husbands in making handicrafts too. We benefit a lot through this society,” said Kuthokhrulu, one of the weavers at the stall, sharing how they earn a living through weaving and making handicrafts. “Everyone in our village knows how to make handicrafts from an early age,” she added. No doubt Diezephe has a tag called ‘Handicrafts Village.’


The final day saw ten weavers vying for the top spot in the competition categorized as warping, weaving and design. In warping, within 20 minutes, Theyile emerged the winner with 324 counts; while Hokali with 321 counts and Vekulu with 256 counts were first and second runners up respectively. In weaving, Mulutolu emerged as the winner, while Nuzotalu and Manbui came second and third respectively.


In the design category, Satoli with her bright graphic in red and white emerged as the winner, while Kuthokhrulu earned the second spot with design of a red spear shadowed in black. Kangruangben was placed third with her delicate geometric pattern in red and black.


Dr V Sivakkumer, Deputy Director, Weavers Service Center Toluvi, Dimapur informed that the Union Ministry of Textiles has schemes for the promotion of weaving. He added that the weavers can avail trainings at nominal rates and also pension schemes. Dr Sivakkumer further informed the weavers to visit stall no.94 being put up at the Hornbill Festival, Kisama for spot registration.