Khaghaboto Area Students’ Union conference underway

Khaghaboto Area Students’ Union conference underway
Himato Zhimomi addressing the students at the Khaghaboto Area Students’ Union at L. Hotovi on Saturday.


Dimapur, January 13 (MExN): The annual general conference of Khaghaboto Area Students’ Union is underway at L. Hotovi village.


Commissioner and Secretary to the Government of Nagaland, I. Himato Zhimomi graced the occasion as chief guest on January 13 and challenged the youth to inculcate work culture to order make the society a self reliant.


Addressing a large gathering of students, chief guest said from the days of our forefathers, Nagas have remained economically unique as they depended on no one but worked hard with honesty and remained self sufficient.


He questioned the students, how do we maintain and uphold the integrity of economic uniqueness of the Nagas stating that this is something we must think seriously and maintained that only way out is everyone should work.
He said there are lots of opportunities to explore, work and thus improving the economical status of the society.


Stressing on job and employment, Himato said many government job comes along the way but not all can do government jobs and those who wishes to enter government agencies have to qualify themselves through competitive exams. And, those who pursue technical and skill based education will have better chances to get jobs.


Pointing out that there are more opportunities in private sector, he said ninety percent of economic generation comes through private sector and therefore youth should enter the private sector and avail maximum opportunities.


Stating that growth and progress of our society depend on us alone, Commissioner encouraged the youth to be work cultured to be self reliant and self dependent not to be dependent on others otherwise, there will be a day when the world will no more regard the Nagas economically unique people.


The conference will culminate on Sunday.

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