Khrimto Village celebrates Tuluni festival

Khrimto Village celebrates Tuluni festival

Zunheboto, July 9 (MExN): Khrimto Village celebrated Tuluni festival, one of the most important festivals of the Sumi tribe, with grandeur and cultural exuberance on July 8 at the village church premise. The festival is a celebration to rejoice the most abundant and fruitful season of the year.


Clad in their colorful and finest traditional attires, the celebration witnessed an enthusiastic participation of its citizen from young and old including the town settlers. The grand festival was organized by the village council.


Toniho Chisho, Jt. Director, Border Affairs, Government of Nagaland, graced the occasion as Tuluni ‘Papuh’ (Father of the Festival). While extending Tuluni greetings, he encouraged his fellow village people to uphold and celebrate the festival in its true sense and spirit. He called upon the younger generations to take the occasion as an opportunity to sincerely learn and imbibe the rich culture and traditions passed down by forefathers and to keep the traditions alive. He also opined that this significant festival should be given due importance and to continue organizing it even in the coming years so that our cultures and traditions remain intact and do not get lost or forgotten.
Luhovi Shohe, Ex. VCC recounted and narrated the significance of the festival.


The colorful celebration was marked with various cultural presentations like Aphilo kuwo, Aghughu, Tixa-luxa lee, Yeh-hu lee, Angu kupsu, Shelupah kichhe and many other more. An exciting competition, inter alia, for the best maintained Dao and Spear was held, whereby Zhevito Yeptho and Kahoto Assumi walked away with the much anticipated prizes respectively.


Khrimto Village Council, Chairman, Vishito Assumi, in a press release stated that the programme chaired by Vishito Assumi, VCC and recorded by Henito Chophy, Council Secretary, began with an invocation prayer by Khehuto Rochill, Pastor, Khrimto Baptist Church; while the welcome address was delivered by Kanito, Akukau, Khrimto Village.