Kidima village records over 1 Cr income from sale of vegetables

Our Correspondent
Kohima | April 9


Kidima village under Kohima district was adopted as a vegetable village by the Horticulture Department in 2007 under the name of ‘A-azu Farmers Group’ with the vision to achieve economic empowerment for both men and women through production of horticultural crops. Together with the assistance of the department and hard work of the villagers, this village has evolved into a vegetable village of repute, according to annual administrative report 2016-17 of the Horticulture Department, tabled in the just concluded state assembly session by Parliamentary Secretary for Horticulture, Kejong Chang. In addition to cultivation of vegetables like tomato, Khuve, chilli, cabbage, beans, potato etc in the open field, protected cultivation of vegetables like capsicum, tomato etc was also introduced in the village by the department and components like community tanks, farm handling units, vermin-compost units, power tillers were also provided to the farmers, which have paid rich dividends.


As the villagers have reported an income of rupees one crore and thirty thousand just from the sale of vegetables alone which is expected to go up to rupees two crores and fifty thousand during the peak season, the report stated.
“The cultivation of vegetables surely has minted in prosperity for the villagers changing the very face of their socio-economic status,” the report stated.