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Kilang Zulu to release latest single ‘ABBA Father’ today

Making another come back in the music scene in Nagaland, singer and songwriter Kilang Zulu is ready to release his latest single titled ‘ABBA Father.’


Recorded and produced at Thailand, ‘ABBA Father’ will be released globally in the YouTube channel on September 7 (Friday) at 6:00 pm. It will be also available in iTunes.


“The song talks about the Father’s heart,” says Kilang, “And all the songs come from a personal place.”


The artist opens up more about the inspiration of the song in the bridge where he writes, “I’ve seen your miracles, your deliverance; how you held me through my darkest night; I’m alive in You.”


Kilang says that “ABBA Father’ is an intimate cry. It is about my journey with God, moments of expressing me to God that it is messy and also appreciating God for His faithfulness…”


Kilang testifies about the years of journeying with God in the verse of the song saying, “ABBA Father… Giver of life, ruler of my destiny; faithful and true; Emmanuel You hold and watch my every step, You will Never let me go.”


Kilang hopes that the song will be a fresh experience for the listener as he experiments with Electronic Dance Music (EDM) genre.


Besides being an artist and entrepreneur, Kilang is actively involved in the mission working for at risk children with HelpLive International (


Kilang Zulu released his debut full album ‘Breakthrough’ in 2004. Over the years, he has also released a number of singles and performed in acclaimed home as well as internationally stages.

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