Knock, Knock!

Is it not time to reject the Naga house that is built
on sand? Let’s build the Naga house on solid rock!


Life in Nagaland is fast becoming more distressing day by day. The pathetic state of affairs, which includes the corrupt and visionless political leaders, lack of basic functioning infrastructure, a ‘politically correct’ Church that seeks to please the State as much as its congregation, an aloof self-righteous intelligentsia, the militarization of governance and the Naga national workers who behave with impunity have all contributed to it. But what is most exasperating is the silent majority who remains indifferent and complacent.


In the past few weeks the collective conscience has been repeatedly knocking on the Naga heart, urging us to rise, wake up and be alive to our situation. The obvious systemic corruption, the degrading political ethics of our politicians, and the power struggle to occupy the top of the pyramid has exposed the weak moral foundation and political bankruptcy of our times.


Furthermore, the monsoon rains which are causing landslides and washing away roads and infrastructure in different parts of Nagaland – not to forget the bridge that collapsed – seems to remind us of the Biblical parable of the foolish man who built his house on sand.


These conditions are evidence of a weak foundation that lacks confident and decisive leadership, moral principles and values, and one that easily succumbs to greed, self-interests, pressure and circumstances. Eventually, a house built on sand loses its shape, is washed away along with its identity.


The current situation asks us to reject the Naga house that is built on sand and work together to build a Naga house on solid rock. The path towards building a house on rock requires a few basic essential ingredients.


The foremost step is for us to go to the people, listen to their experiences, and sincerely elicit their wisdom. The more people we reach in this way, the more accurately the public wisdom projects reality. The synthesis of public wisdom provides the blueprint for the Naga house.


Another essential ingredient is recovering self-respect and self-confidence. This means rejecting assumptions that shape our thoughts and behavior. Central to this is overcoming the myth that the State, Politicians and Bureaucrats are the source of the solutions to our problems. In fact, the process of eliciting public wisdom will inform us that it is the State, our political leaders and their bureaucrats who are often the ones responsible for creating the problems, and later projecting themselves as the solution. Recovery of self-respect is crucial to the process of reclaiming the ability to think for ourselves and to find our own answers to problems.


To build the Naga house on solid rock means returning to our moral teachings and nurturing the principles of truth, trust, honesty and justice as its foundation. In this way, in spite of overwhelming pressures and circumstances, the Naga house remains steady and solid, unshaken and unmoved.


Now is the time for all of us to arise from our slumber and to become alive to the depressing conditions of our reality. With conscience knocking in your heart – Knock, Knock – how will you answer!