KU urges GoI & Myanmar govt to uphold human rights

DIMAPUR, MAY 23 (MExN): The Konyak Union today urged both the governments of India and Myanmar to uphold human rights while stating that the “joint Military maneuver against the NSCN within Konyak Soil,” is “uncivilized diplomacy to curtail the age old Naga political issue.”

A press note from the KU said that the union has always stood for a peaceful solution, and “without any bias,” has “consistently predestined on any act of violence committed by any groups within its jurisdiction.”

It said that the people in the Naga SAZ of Myanmar have “been living constantly in dread on account of militarized attitude being inflicted upon the region.” “Government sanctioning such drastic strategy itself proves its immature policy of the nation,” it said.

It appealed against repeating the bloodshed endured by the Konyak people for the past 70-80 years, and said that “government giving sanctions for indiscriminate bombardment itself is a direct violation of human rights.”

“Such act of violence is a direct violation of human rights which requires to be tabled at the United Nation (UN). Hence, considering the plight of the poor public, both the Government of India (GOI) & Myanmar Government should immediately restrain and rather opts for a peaceful solution,” it added.

The KU meanwhile lamented that its Peace Mission for an honorable solution “had been shattered on account of such creation and infliction.” “The proposed Longwa submit which was scheduled on May 17 had been called off temporarily. The Konyaks are at utmost stage of shock whereby during the 16th June joint operation, two Myanmar juntas were killed and several injured on account of mistaken firing between the two parties. It has confirmed that the dead body of the Myanmar junta along with several injured were brought to khamti town,” the KU said.

The KU urged the Government of India to talk to its counterpart and stop “such barbaric operation.” It also appealed to NE militant groups to pave way for a peaceful and amicable solution. “Today, we the Konyaks are compelled to declare that, our soil shall no longer be used to cradle any violence and bloodshed. Our soil is to toil, breed and to survive but not to be stained with blood and chaos,” it added.

Calling for peaceful negotiations, the KU said that “solution doesn’t mean to surrender but to come in term, learn to co-exist together and to understand one another.” “Konyaks have suffered enough and we are in far afield for tolerance today. Konyaks can no longer be ill with on account of any intractable ideology that breeds brutality,” it stated.

Both GoI and Myanmar Government should comprehend that the Konyaks yearn for peace, it said, and called for immediate measures to bring peace.