Kudos to electrical engineers (APEN) for their bold exposure of the Nagaland government

Kaka D. Iralu

This is to sincerely express my appreciation to the Association of Power Engineers for their bold exposure of the government’s total indifference and apathy regarding electricity supply to the people of Nagaland. I hope this appreciation is also supported by every electricity consumer in Nagaland.


Ever since electricity came to Nagaland in the early 1960’s, this most essential commodity in the modern world has been like “Lightning” that sometimes appears and disappears the next moment during a thunder storm. For all my life from the early 1960’s, I have oft and on exploded in anger whenever electricity suddenly goes off in the middle of some urgent works. In my 61 years of life on earth I have had the experience of undergoing studies in many Indian cities. But in all these years of life outside Nagaland, never have I experienced a black out of electricity in any of these Indian cities, except on specific dates of maintenance work. As for my many experiences in foreign countries, I have never come across one single electricity black off.


Coming back to Nagaland, I have often seen electrical posts half rusted and about to crash down at the whiff of a sudden gust of wind. Many a times, I had wished that I had the money to bring a welder and repair these posts myself out of concern for public safety which includes my own kith and kin or any pedestrians on our roads. For quite some months now, the public has been made aware of the many corruptions that are going on in every governmental department. The final question is: WHEN WILL OUR ELECTED LEADERS FINALLY WAKE UP FROM THEIR INDIFFERENCE AND GIVE THEIR ATTENTION TO PUBLIC SAFETY AS WELL AS REAL AND TANGIBLE DEVELOPMENT?