Kumlong Lanur Telongjem formally launched

Kumlong Lanur Telongjem formally launched


Mokokchung, August 17 (MExN): Kumlong Lanur Telongjem (Kumlong Youth Association) was formally launched on August 12 after taking prior approval and blessings of the Kumlong Ward Council and general public of the ward.


Established with the motto – Ever Onward – the Constitution of the Kumlong Lanur Telongjem declares in its preamble the association to be ‘apolitical and a non-governmental organization’ that aspires ‘to promote peace and unity, to work cohesively with the different tribes and communities in Mokokchung town and be an agent of change’.


It also declares ‘to work as one for the welfare, development, integration, uplift of society and to provide a platform to young talents, to project progressively in the society’.


The Constitution was formally adopted on August 12, 2017 at Kumlong Community Hall. The office bearers and the KLT Constitution were dedicated by Associate pastor of Kumlong Baptist Church, Kikumsungba.


Kumlong Ward, which is one of the biggest colonies in Mokokchung town, had felt the need for a united youth association over the past many years. The Kumlong Lanur Telongjem will encompass all the youths from the age group of 18-45 (both male and female) residing in the colony and will work hand in hand with the Kumlong Ward Council and also initiate different activities for the welfare of the youths in the colony.


The newly formed Kumlong Lanur Telongjem will be headed by a team of office bearers headed by: president – Temjennungsang; Vice-president – Arenlong; General Secretary – Purtoshi; Asst General Secretary – Limasashi Longchar; Finance Secretary – Aomeren; Asst Finance Secretary – Zulumeren and Treasurer – Imtichuba .